Writing and the Puppy

I sit here this week and I’m working on a couple of projects. My dog, Shango sits next to me on the floor. This will change shortly. Why? Because my dog does NOT like me on the computer. After a while, there will be a nudge with his nose against my arm. I will pet him and continue working. Then a few minutes later, there will be another, followed by a few more. This in turn will then be met by him jumping up and his front paws landing on my arm. This is his way of saying, “Enough of that computer thing! It’s about ME!” What does this have to do about writing? 


Balance. Writing is about balancing things. Work life, home life, writing life. Though I am starting to balance them out better. I’m actually promoting more and trying to write more– the dog liked it more when I was struggling to write. It meant more time for him. It meant more time on the bed and walking. Though the walking part is increasing again (I’m now actually using a recorder to help with my writing), he hates that I’m on the computer about 2-3 hours almost every day. When I come home to work on a chat night– he is even more miserable– because I ignore him more– not intentionally— but because I’m focused on my task– short increments of posting about my books, my foodie interests and about what other things are going on– including about my puppy, but he doesn’t care– he’s not actively involved. What is funny is that I’m considering buying him a special chair so he can sit next to me at my level so he can be at my side so I can stop him from the nudges and the heavy sighs so I can focus more on what I need to do.

What problems do you have with balancing in your writing life? What things seem to take more priority than others? Research? Editing? Promoting? For one week– try it the other way around. That’s right– whatever is the least becomes the most. What you discover during that week is that you put last the things you find the hardest to do and what you don’t like. By doing them the most, you find they become less of a nuisance and that you don’t mind them as much. They’re less difficult as well. You stil might not like them, but they’re not the big monster in the room anymore. It’s what I’ve discovered with trying to write again. My focus still sucks, but by dictating and then editing, I can do more than I used to do. It’s still a chore, but it’s better than it was before. It’s still a learning curve, but I’m regaining ground I had lost four years ago. It makes a difference in the long run when there’s a balance in your life.


2-5A55F303-1500048-800 This is my puppy, Shango. That is his Sheepie he’s gnawing on. Yes, it’s a Serta sheepie. It’s the most indestructible toy I know. I need more of them.