Writing: Nanowrimo

People who know me know I’m not the super competitive kind. They know I have struggled with my diagnosis of ADD and relearning how to write. So these same people went, “Are you freaking mad?!” when I announced I was going to do Nanowrimo this year. The idea is that I’m going to do what I can how I can. Yes, they try to have people aim for 50k. But my goal is to just get going- to get my book done– however I can get it done! The idea is to write a scene or more a day as many days as I can. It means pushing myself and it means also pulling back when I can’t take it. But I’m making this month my pushing my boundary month in my writing.

So come join me in the madness. Trust me, it’s madness. LMAO I’m out there. You can click on my link and make me a buddy if you’re writing in Nanowrimo! We can push each other into doing this! It’s less than 2k a day, every day. I think of it as 1-2 scenes a day. To me, that’s doable. Very doable.


         So come on! Join in, it’s fun, it’s crazy. It’s about 2 hours a day. *screams madly* You can do it!