Writing To the Finish Line- Or Mad Dashing Like a Loonie!

I’m working with my friends on my writing. We’re doing War Words– in 20 minute increments. One of us is the Time Keeper. We do a countdown and for 20 minutes, we write. The goal is to write and flow. After the time is up, we yap for about five minutes, post what we’ve written and then write again. The idea here is to build up your writing consistency skills. (Remember that lovely post from the other day?) Part of that is writing and lengthening the time until you find a length you’re comfortable with and can do without feeling tired and resentful. For me, the ultimate length is about 6-7k. That’s not bad. It’s a push, but I can do it with the help of my comrades in arms. Right now, we’re pushing each other to finish our books that are due soon. Wish me luck. The goal is to get this story done so I can submit it by May 15th. *whimpers and makes prayer noises*

There’s something else that’s working on me. An editor that’s been close to my heart at Loose Id is having medical problems, which in turn is hard because getting her medicine is costing an arm and a leg lately. There’s a special fundraiser going on for her right now. You can find out more at For Raven. I’m joining in and offering some of my backlist and one of my upcoming ebooks in the giveaway. Why? Because Raven was my copy editor when I first joined Loose Id. She taught me so much about grammar and writing. Things that stick to this day so that I just don’t write that way anymore. It’s the least I can do to help a woman who helped me to achieve my dreams.

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