WIP: Love Beyond Time

This story had another name, once upon a time. But then I was told that it was too hard to pronounce an ancient Egyptian pharaoh’s name, so then… this title came about. I like it, actually. It describes quite well the essence of the story. How about a sneak peek?

His hands caressed her bare breasts as his hot, moist mouth claimed hers. Opening herself to the man before her was easily done, his powerful nature and rulership over her complete. His lips pulled from hers and he whispered, “Tonight, I bring a guest…”

“As you wish,” Aline whispered back, sliding her slim hands down the bare chest before her. “You are my lord, king of all you see.”

“Tonight, you will be doubly blessed and the gods will be pleased as well.” The man lifted his head and glanced towards the door. “Come and be welcomed, honoured servant of Ra.”

She sensed rather than saw the priest enter, the power this one wielded burned brightly. Suddenly, a weight settled between her naked breasts. She looked down and saw a beautiful scarab pendant carved out of a solid sapphire. It felt warm and yet filled with a vitality that the stone oft represented to her people. “A gift for the lovely concubine that generously shares herself with those who protect Ma’at.”

His voice was as sensuous as his hand that caressed her neck. “Thank you, my lord. May I please you as I please the Pharaoh of our beloved Kemet.” Her voice trembled slightly, knowing that somehow the pharaoh had learned of her hidden desire for this particular priest of Ra. Anskhepre, his name which meant the glory to the god Ra, was a man who not only personified the good things in Kemet, but also in the god himself. The pharaoh turned her so she faced the high priest, allowing the king of the land to have free access to her backside.

“Your body is pleasing as is your manner, daughter of the gods,” Anskhepre responded as her mouth gently kissed his chest. “Your mouth is so soft, yet so powerful. You are right, ” She slid lower until her mouth brushed the top of his cock and she felt Menkaure’s hands slide up against her naked ass. As her pharaoh, the Horus-blessed Menkaure’s fingers slid deep within her pussy, she slid her mouth over the priest’s cock sharing the pleasure she felt in that moment.

The priest buried his fingers in her long black hair and felt her world tilt once more as she realized that she would experience more in this night than in the three years of being part of the pharaoh’s harim. Pulling back slightly, she eased the pressure of her mouth on the thickened cock then slid forward, taking it as far as possible. As she did, she felt her master’s cock slide deep in her pussy as his fingers entered her ass. The sudden burst of pleasure erupted through her body in being possessed and possessing the gods in this most intimate of ways…


“Gods alive!” Aline Seaver gasped, sitting straight up in an unfamiliar bed. A slight thump against her chest made her clutch for the sapphire scarab pendant she bought upon her arrival in Egypt. “Too real, too damn real to be just a regular dream.” Gazing out towards the French doors at one end of her hotel room, she realized that morning wasn’t too far away. “Isis be with me as I finally allow myself this time to discover the reason behind my passion for this land’s history.”

She got out of bed and wrapped a long satin robe around her before walking to the French doors. Opening them up, she stepped out on her private balcony to take in the sunrise. “What a glorious morning.”

The vibrant colours played against the sky as the sun’s rays pierced through the dewy mists that surrounded Cairo and the Giza plateau. In the misty distance, Aline glimpsed the tops of pyramids, those that were considered wonders of the world. Excitement filled her—finally she would be able to explore her fascination with this ancient land. Amazing how slaving away for two years finally paid off with thirty glorious days to discover the land of KMT, or Kemet as the ancient Egyptians had called their home.

So many times as she earned her degrees in history and literature, she felt such a kinship to this land—as if it were indelibly linked to her soul. A sudden cool breeze caressed her body as it blew her hair around her face, and for a moment Aline felt like she stood in ancient Egypt before a distant honking of a horn brought her back to the present.

Brushing her long, dark brown hair from her face, she wondered if the dream that she experienced would continue to plague her. It wasn’t as if the dreams were new, in fact, ever since she reached puberty, they had haunted her on a regular basis. Each night was more of the same, yet the dreams moved her forward within them as if trying to reach the pinnacle before she set off for the land that she dreamt of every night for the past few weeks. Tonight’s dream was different in that the sexual play was finally realized after months of teasing and hinting. At least her Sight didn’t interfere in the dream, which at least gave her the illusory hope that it wasn’t a true event in her past. With that passing thought, she turned her attention upon the awakening of Cairo before her.

Aline inhaled the crisp, outside air while lifting her hands over her head, stretching her muscles. With her exhalation, she released the last of the tension that clung to her from the plane flight to Cairo. Her family worried on her going alone, but she reminded them that she spoke Arabic and knew how to take care of herself, especially since she grew up with her brothers. After stating that, she knew they would leave her alone to enjoy this well-deserved vacation. She wouldn’t take unnecessary risks, but she would be open to new things. Maybe the Sight that let her see the past would give her insight on the building of the pyramids and other temples that she’d be visiting during her vacation.

Stretching her hands over her head and inhaling deep, Aline then bent at the waist, whispering words of greeting and thanks for the coming of a new day. Though not particularly dedicated to one god or another, she definitely leaned towards the sun god, Ra and Isis, the goddess of magic. Once finished with her morning meditation, Aline went back into her hotel room to finish her morning ablutions. She didn’t linger in the shower, though tempted to relieve the ache of need that filled her body. There wasn’t time to waste if she wanted to see all the sights at Giza today.

Quickly she dressed, bound her hair into a loose French braid, then practically ran downstairs for a quick breakfast before purchasing bottled water and crackers at the nearby outdoor market. Staying at this particular hotel hadn’t been in her plans, but when her family insisted that she stay somewhere that allowed them to contact her easily if there was an emergency, Aline jumped at the chance to stay at the American. Once she returned, Aline spoke with the front clerk, asking him in colloquial Arabic which bus to take to the Giza plateau and where the best local food could be found for a decent price.

 The young man answered her, giving her a dazzling smile while drawing her a map of where to go for lunch along the outskirts of her day trip. Aline shook his hand in thanks, then rushed out the front door, hoping to catch the earliest bus, and that it wouldn’t be too crowded. She needed the time to center herself and to prepare for the grandeur of the pyramids.