WIP- Beg

This story is in production. It’s not bought, it’s not sold, it’s getting written. But I figured I’d share a bit of the story with you. It’s not your usual from me– it’s contemporary and it’s very erotic–pushing the boundary into the BDSM lifestyle. But if you give it a chance, you might find that you like it just as much as I do. LOL





The male voice was firm, even a bit demanding, which was unusual during their sexual play. Aislynn Gallante lifted one chestnut brow in question. No one, but no one ever told her what to do sexually- especially not a submissive. In this dungeon, in this specialized club, she was the Dominant, and she was never to be commanded.


Pushing her current submissive male lover, Bryden Petrov away, she growled, “Fuck that. I beg for no one.” Before he responded to her, she moved behind him, grabbing a handful of his hair. Pulling backwards, she bit him hard where his neck and shoulder met on the right side, his neck exposed in one of the submissive poses. His sudden shiver and relaxation to her touch encouraged her to punish her sexual partner who had delusions of becoming a sexual dominant.  


Swiftly taking advantage of Bryden’s minute relaxation, Aislynn continued the assault, kicking the back of his left knee, forcing him downwards towards the floor. A rush of control filled her, reminding her just how much being in control sexually meant to her.  She’d never abuse her submissives, but this power rush was nothing like anything she could explain. Knowing that this man trusted in her to bring him pleasure, bring him emotional happiness and it all centered upon her needs and her knowing him better than he knew himself.


“Kneel, slave.” Without a word of protest, her slave slid down on both knees before her. She loved this—the give and take of sexual power. Somehow, it always amazed her that some of the most alpha-looking men enjoyed allowing women take control sexually and set the tone. In fact, it had been a fluke that had brought this particular man into her life and into her bed. Bryden had been her sexual partner now for over four months and still she found him amazing in how his muscles flexed under his smooth skin as he tried to obey her every command. Yet, for all that they were lovers; there were times when she felt things were spiraling out of control.


Bending over him, she bit him from the shoulder, down the center of his wide back, until she reached the top of his ass. It was time for her to press the issue of ownership and who truly was the submissive in this relationship or whatever it was.  He needed to realize what was there was nothing more than a fantastic sex game they shared.


“Who are you?” she whispered against his slick, muscular body. Tell me who you are, what you want, what I can do to make you want me as much as I want you. What can I do to make you feel about me as deeply as I’m beginning to feel about you?

“I’m a slave,” Bryden responded hoarsely. “Only the strongest of mistresses can tame me. Nothing I do is without the permission of she who owns me.”


She bit him hard on one ass cheek, then the other, enjoying how hard he tried not to flinch. Enjoying the knowledge that such actions, including spanking aroused him. “Who am I?” One hand slid between his thighs, until she easily cupped his shaven balls. Nipping his ass yet again, she repeated her question when he gasped but didn’t answer. “Who am I?”


“You…are…a …good…mistress,” he gasped as she continued her mouth assault across the expanse of his well-shaped ass. The rose garden effect was becoming more prominent as each rosy bloom appeared on his paler ass cheeks. Yet she heard the resistance in his voice to admitting that she owned him. This was new to them both, this acknowledging of her claim upon his body. Aislynn knew that his resistance was in response to a couple of her comments to him over the past few days. Comments that belied the fact that deeper feelings were developing in her towards this erotic male before her—something they hadn’t discussed and she couldn’t risk having. Getting involved with a playmate was a sure recipe for heartbreak. Hadn’t she sworn off dating men from the club the last time one broke her heart?


Forcefully, Aislynn slid her finger to the second knuckle, ignoring his gasp as well as his muscles clenching tightly. Carefully, she rotated her finger until it curved upward allowing her to stimulate his prostate gland. “Again, answer me, slave.”