Shades of Fyre

Shades of Fyre
Series : Elemental Guardians



In a world that fights its battles from one extreme to another, there exists a society that is dedicated to balance and the Universal Elements—The Circle of Elemental Guardians.The Elemental Guardians answer only to the Council of Ma’at–the Ultimate Elemental Justice and their goal is simple– to keep balance for all life. Charis Windstrom left the Elemental Guardians when their ways differed from her own on a mission gone wrong. What she never expects is to find links of the Guardians in ancient Egypt or that her curiosity would result in the unleashing of an ancient evil.

There is only one person who can help her and he’s not giving up his secrets easily. Dr Nate Tolemy is not all what he appears, even if he’s the Adept of Fire.

Fate forces Charis Windstrom and Nate Tolemy back together for one more mission. The last time they were together, Charis was engaged to another man, but the immediate soul connection to Nate scared her. Now he was her salvation as they follow the bloody trail of the ancient evil. Yet Nate is still keeping secrets from Charis. Part of him fears what she’ll do when she finds out the truth about his history, his former life before becoming an Adept Elemental Guardian. Part of him knows there is no other woman for him in this life or any other.

Neither one of them realizes that the ancient evil has many plans and it includes the destruction of the Elemental Guardians and the descendants of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten.

Will Nate and Charis get past their differences, the fear of attraction, and even the fear within themselves in order to work together and stop the ancient evil before it gets enough power to rule the world?