Why Romance?

My father does NOT understand it. My mom did. My sisters kinda get it, but my male does. Romance– why do I write what I do? Many people will tell you it’s for the happily ever after. Some will tell you it’s about falling in love. Some will even say it’s for the sex ideas. Well– they’re all correct.

I write romance because I love the sensation of falling in love, I love stories with Happily Ever After, I love the hot sex that makes me want to tell my male “Get in that bedroom now!” But there’s something more. Writing about romance is only part of the equation for me. My romances aren’t strict romances, but are part of a whole. I write action stories for women and men that have romance within the storyline. Why? Because love and romance are part of our daily lives. Whether we like it or not– it’s there. We either deal with a lack of love or needing it or having it and taking it for granted.

I write romance because it lets me have the best of many worlds. I can write sci-fi, fantasy, urban fantasy, or more and keep the romantic elements in play to help complete the story and to ratchet up the tension. Anyone who’s read the original Dragonlance Chronicles knows the romance stories that were not a huge part of the plot but happened to enhance the telling of the stories.

Currently, I’m writing something dealing more in the sexual fantasy realm. I’m actually stepping into the realm of BDSM and though I’m slightly nervous of showing this side of myself and my personal knowledge, in another way, I’m thrilled to finally let go and not hold back. It’s hard because sex and romance do go hand in hand, though many people don’t want to hear that. For me, kinky sex is more fun to read and to experience because it allows me freedom I don’t get in my daily life. (We all can’t be Indiana Jones or Lara Croft! Dammit.)

So stay tuned. I’ll be putting out my newsletter this month with a special interview with Lena Austin, one of my favourite erotic romance authors. But be prepared- I’m going to be posting more about sexuality, craft of writing, and more. Just when I thought I was going to be normal– I upped the ante on sharing what I know.