What’s In a Kiss?

This often isn’t an issue with men, but with women– watch out! There’s something about a kiss that can bring a group of women to their knees. At the same time, there’s the whole rating of what makes a kiss good, better and GREAT. (What, you thought we didn’t? Silly men!) In fact, women rate kisses a lot. We even rate kisses between men too. Some of our favourite kisses are between two men. One of my favourite is the one between Captain Jack Harkness and Captain John on Torchwood’s “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” episode. Can we say it’s just damn hot?! More importantly, it has many many of the necessary aspects that make a kiss hot. 

Many women talk about the importance of a good kiss. Of how the person who is kissing must really look you in the eyes first. The eye contact is a must! It is. It’s the way of making sure they see you and only you! 

Notice how lovely the look into the eyes are? (please remember this is my blog and yes, I have a thing for Captain Jack– so deal with it!) Notice how intense it looks?  Notice how the object of the attention, how intense the arousal? This is how you know the wow factor of the kiss is going to skyrocket. When you’re the one going to be kissed, you’re in a state of “KISS ME NOW!” I’m just saying.

Then there’s where the hands go. Notice that John’s hands are cupping the back of the neck, pulling the head forward. *nods happily* This is VERY VERY important people! Why? It’s an issue of control and it’s an issue of feeling both wanted and seduced simultaneously. See in the piccie below we have eye contact and the hands on either side of the head. It’s control, it’s reinforcing the whole idea of, “I’m into you, I want you, I”m going to kiss you and taste all of you!”

That’s why when you have what I call, “All systems GO!” you’ll notice the head tilting, the faces moving closer, and the lips slightly parting as the kiss begins. There’s a passion there. This loving and holding. The kiss is not wet, but it’s passion and warm. It’s just HOT! What is it about an indepth kiss that gets our meter going? Why does a kiss of this magnitude get us worked up, worked over and begging for more?

*sighs happily* Oh yeah….kisses are important in writing. Having kisses like this in life is important as well. So don’t skimp on the KISS! It’s important. It’s needed…it just is!