What I hope in the New Year

What are my hopes for the new year? What do I want to accomplish? A lot really and what’s wild, though I’m terrified of some things, overall, I’m excited about this year. So the question now is — what are my plans for this year? Let’s take a look together– this should be interesting. 


shutterstock_16585399Promote more. That’s a goal for all 4 quarters. I want to make sure I get some time to promote my writing, promote my author buddies, and make sure people know my books are available for sale. I do decent at it-but I definitely need to do more. The other thing I need to do is build up my stash of swag items. I want to do some playing cards, bookmarks, trading cards, calendars and more. I think things like that will help not only get my name out there, but will also give something back to the readers who have done so much for me. 

So that’s my major promo goal for 2014. I want to get more promo out– but not be a huge butt about it. In fact, I even redid my newsletter and personally I like the new format. So, if you haven’t signed up for it– go to my newsletter tab and sign up– you’re going to miss out on freebies, sales and more that are only available through my newsletter! 


Writing– I need to write more, become more productive. This is something I really want to do and do well. writer-1I’ve got to get back on track now the holidays are over. Let me tell you– holidays and I do not go together well. So that’s my next thing to do. In fact, my male is very helpful in this. As a matter of fact, part of my Christmas gift from him is going to help me write more. *grins* I’m getting a Neo  2 Alphasmart. I am so excited! They stopped making them, but I was able to find one barely used– so I’m thrilled. I know it’s helped so many of my friends– Maggie Nash, Dawn Montgomery and more– so it’ll be nice to have at work and at home when getting online is an issue because of my health. See, I’m thinking ahead! My quarterly goals are flexible for my writing, but I do have one major goal each quarter– at least one book finished, edited and submitted per quarter. That’s my goal. I have more stories that are completed but need to be edited and submitted, or if they’re being self-pubbed– edited, revised, and having coverart. If I can do at least one book new per quarter and one book edited– I’ll be on top of the world! 


Health– this is a biggie. I have to concentrate on getting healthier again. Last year was not good for my health overall. This year- I’m determined to lose some weight, get stronger physically, and to take care of my issues that need it. This is the year of walking more, eating better, and seeing the doctor more. I want to be better in the long term– so I’m going to eat healthier foods, drink more water and do what it takes to help ease some of my medical issues. Doing that is a 4 quarter endeavour that’s worthwhile. 


TypewriterWhat other goal do I have for 2014? To keep myself balanced. Last year was a balancing fiasco. So, my goal this year– to keep everything in sync. It’ll be hard, but if I can keep it balanced– everything will be so much better! This means my writing time, family time, health time must all be in sync. I bought a calendar to help organize those things. It might take tweaking at times, but that’s my goal– balance and happiness. I need to make sure I focus some time for happiness and keeping my creative well filled!

What are your goals for this year?