Welcome 2015

22160-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Yellow-Emoticon-Face-Wearing-A-Party-Hat-And-Blowing-On-A-Noise-Maker-At-A-Party-150x150Welcome the new year! This is a year I’m hoping for some big changes that will help me in my writing and also will help me personally. So far– I’m sick. *headdesk* However, I’m happy with the fact that I know what I need to do and how to do it. I’ve got the will and I’ve got the techniques to put myself out there and I’m going to do it.  Needless to say, I’m learning to make sure I take my breaks and with my new work schedule, I can see some major productivity ahead.


What do I have on board for this year? I’m working on a special “THANK YOU” for you readers to start the year. Then after that– it’s onto a couple of projects I’ve been struggling with the past year but now I have figured out the stories while sick the last two months of the year. So, I’m thrilled. If nothing else, the changes since November for me have resulted in time to really consider my writing craft and giving me time to take some much needed classes while struggling with my health.

The next things are the Marauders. I have plans for them I can’t wait to do. *bounces up and down* The plans there are coming together– I had a revelation on a couple of things and I completely blame Renee George, Dawn Montgomery, and Dakota Cassidy for them. (They are some of the most awesome people in the universe and I adore them all!) There are some others I blame– they are the ones who really gave me the new way to approach the universe and the Marauders and I think you might be pleasantly surprised this year.

What other things can you expect? More blog posts. My goal is to post about more of what I do when I don’t write and what I do experience when I write. I’ve decided this blog will be my journal of sorts. It should be interesting to see where it all leads. Hopefully, you will find it just as interesting– my interests are definitely varied as well.

Happy 2015! May this year bring you happiness, joy, love, peace and prosperity!  1531995_10202815347127219_1234794954_n