Updates, Writing, and More

Sometimes it surprises me just how much I do manage to get done on my days off. It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally updated my website, finished edits on one of my older books, and got some stuff at home finished with 1.5 days left this week. For me, this is simply amazing. It took about a month to get used to working 10 hour work days, but I’m getting there.


So now, I’m prepping for Camp NanoWriMo, just like last year. Last year was huge for me, though,i wasn’t working and 2014-Participant-Facebook-Profilehad more time for it. This year, most of my writing will be focused on my days off. Scary, yet there it is. My goal is to complete the one story I’ve been struggling on before going back to rewrite another story I finished. If I can get this story finished, then I’ll feel good about the year overall.

The new look for the website makes me happy. I liked the old one, but occasionally, it is important to upgrade and streamline, especially for those who read on mobile or tablets. I know I do, so its important to offer that experience to others. Plus, for years, an author friend hosted my site while I had my own server. It took many tries and some intense planning to move everything since we use the same hosting company. My male thought all it would take was calling the online moving van service…oh if only. If only. LOL!

Worked on getting my newsletter out and will get it out regularly as now I’ve got things under better control. Believe it or not, I’m liking the system I use as it is easy, professional, and simple. If you want updates on releases and fun stuff, sign up on my newsletter page. I have fun things planned.

CynnaraTregarth_MatchGameGhostStyle_coverlgCover love— Loose Id has redone some of my covers, specific for Cupid Shoots, She Scores, Treaty of Desire, and Match Game: Ghost-Style. I love the updated look and currently all my books are on sale at ARe. It is a good thing.

What’s in store next? I’m not sure. Depends on how my plotting works over the next few days, though rumour has it I’ve been working on my urban fantasy, my romance, a Marauder book, and my mystery. I can neither confirm nor deny anything. *snickers*