When working blind or beginnings

There are times in your life when you realise you begin again. For me, I’m reviewing my recent books I’ve written and ones almost done. But moreso, I’ve learned more about myself in the past year. Last year, my health was the end all be all. It’s still important. Yet, I discovered there are things in my life that mean so much to me beyond these walls. I’ve become more active as an activist.

Many people will say it’s due to one person, but those who know me…know I hit my limit. The election was the last straw. I’ve also been very very lucky in my life to meet people whom are likeminded. More, they have been kind enough to include me. They’re a new family within my family and when Harvey hit Houston, together we worked to save lives-human and animal alike. Again, they were at my side with Irma, urging me to safety. They brought back part of me I hadn’t realised was missing.

What does this mean? It means I’m writing. Deeper stories. More romance elements but stories that truly hit the soul and heart. They bite into what makes us who we are and how we deal with each part of our lives. Genre? Oh, I’m still not limiting myself! Why bother doing that? But for the first time ever, I found not just a peace, but a need to write again.

Scary how being blind in one way opens you to something so much more powerful than yourself. I was blind. Thought I’d end up not writing. But this new fam, just like my writing fam, believes in me. More, as they discovered me as an author, they had already embraced me as me. It was freeing. I can’t explain how it’s different, but I can tell you…each day is now filled with potential.

So, I write. I post on Patreon. My activism is on Twitter, separate from my author stuff. Yet, it’s all me. And…even though my hometown suffers right now, I found a peace inside, a hunger to write.

Thank you.

Writing and Aromatherapy

cynwritetalkPeople often wonder what it is I do since I write so many different things and I love doing various things. There is a phrase my friends and family know. “A bored Cyn is a dangerous Cyn.” This is known as a truism in my house. If I’m bored–things can get deadly or very dangerous. I start getting into trouble. Thus, it’s one reason when it was discovered one of my health issues included my slight manic need to know and that I get slightly obsessed in that phase– things started falling into place. My therapist laughed at me and started assigning me homework on various topics in regards to me getting better to help me understand my own condition. Honestly, it really helped. Strange, but there you go. What it also means is when I research- I tend to over-research because I have this intense need to know everything. Some people think it’s weird, but it makes me a quick “expert” in things which is beneficial when it comes to writing.  Continue reading

Struggles and Writing

cynwritetalkSo I sit here today watching football in a booth with my male and his mom at a regional chain restaurant. It’s a bit liberating and at the same time it’s chaotic. Do I love football? Yes. Am I fanatic? No. But the energy is great. It’s also a great way to help focus your mind on something new and let yourself go in new directions. I needed this. For a while now I’ve been struggling with some writing issues. I go through good and bad moments with my writing. Things have been better but with my work schedule, it’s been so difficult. However, I’ve had some tarot readings that really made me look at things in a new way. Plus, I’ve made some changes at how I look at myself that are helping me view my writing in a new light. Continue reading

Vacation, Writing and more

75ac72d6bd2bf836035e2d1aada9cb8dThis is how I’m feeling since I’ve been back from vacation. Pleasure is important–whether it’s physically or emotionally. I had a great time with my family, but I knew when I got home, things were going to change for me both at my day job and for my writing. Little did I realize how true that would be. My left hand, which is my dominant hand, has been giving me issues for a while, stepped it up even more. I’m now wearing my hand braces more. Worse, I have to wear the compression gloves pretty much every day at work and at home. When I see my specialist, I have a feeling we’ll be negotiating on cortisone shots and possible surgery. *whimpers* Until then, I’ve indulged in some pleasures– reading, learning about real food, my aromatherapy, and indulging in my energy readings.  Continue reading

Catching up and writing

cynwritetalkI’ve been woefully inadequate about posting lately, but I’ve been doing the EDJ, taking workshops, taking care of my health and trying to write. The hardest part of it all is that with everything coming and going– I’ve been like a crazy woman– losing my mind and trying not to slip into depression. So much has been happening on the non-writing front, I’ve not wanted to bother anyone with my problems. But I have been having some wonderful creative moments where I’ve been worldbuilding– which I love and adore. Continue reading