ROW80– Tottering on the Brink

Keep-Writing-ClockKeep-Writing-ClockTimeToday is about refocusing and how I’m trying hard not to feel like I suck right now. I know in my head that I don’t. But in my heart and the part of me that writes– I feel completely yucky. I’ve been doing Nano and slowly losing ground. My focus is shot because my day job got hard. Really hard. As in a college semester worth of work and mindfulness hard in one month– and OMG, what the hell am I thinking on taking this on while doing the other- hard. I know, I should be slowly working for my daily counts, just pushing through it all. But it’s not that easy for me. Not this month. Let me explain.  Continue reading

ROW80- The Miracle of Sleep

This is a weekend of wonder. I’ve been slack on updating so forgive me. But there is just cause. I’ve been working overnights and my mornings are just atrocious before bed. I’m normally catching up on stuff I’ve not caught up during the 2-3 hours in the evening before the nap I take before I go to work. But on the plus side, week one on overnight is a success for the most part. I’ve adjusted fairly quickly and honestly– I like it. I’ve lost weight and the atmosphere is less stressful. I’m not going to say stress-free, but less stressful. My night-time supervisors are great and the floor support rocks. I really do appreciate them this past week. I’ve not needed them as much as I did when I first started, but when I’ve had those calls where things were totally jumbled– they were there to verify I was on the right track. For me, that did more for my knowledge base and feeling secure in my job performance than anything else. The other gift I’ve been given is that I’m almost back to getting between 7-8 hours a day sleep. Granted it’s not all in one shot, but most of it is. For me, that’s magnificent!  Continue reading

COW:Editing and More

This week has been crazy. My day job, which is actually been 3:30pm-midnight this week, has been nuts. I’m learning so much, which is great. But the changes have been immense. First the class was 3 weeks, then one week, now it’s one week class and one week of on the floor work, with people there to guide us. I’m not complaining, but it’s a lot to take in. It makes the head spin. Spin I say. It’s a lot like editing. There’s a lot to do– lots of different things and you need to organize how you do it, otherwise, you’ll feel lost and confused. Which is why it’s important to have a great relationship with your editor.  Continue reading