Craft of Writing– Expanding Genres

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the art of expanding genres in writing. Sometimes as we write, we can get stale in the genre we often write in. It’s not something we like to think about, but it does happen. Many authors will think about expanding their horizons by writing in sub-genres in their chosen fields, which allows them to benefit from their audience, but also gives them a bit more room to stretch and grow. Others will sometimes take the plunge and venture into a brand new genre– one they love to read but hadn’t considered writing before. Both ways are useful and I think can often bring a deeper appreciation to the author.  Continue reading

Sneak Peek: Witch Assassin

I’m celebrating my release of Mark of the Blood that’s up at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and ARe! This month is one of my favourite, especially being pagan and because of my love for all things Halloween! I started this story because of my love for a specific song by the group, Queen. For years, I’ve had this vignette of an idea in my head– but I never had the full story. Then when my friend, Dawn Montgomery challenged me to write for a call for submission– I got the full storyline. Though I missed the deadline– I”m going to finish the story and submit it anyway. So I figured I’d share a snippet of the story with you all. Be warned– it’s not for the faint of heart or for anyone who doesn’t like BDSM and other hot, erotic paranormal things.  Continue reading

The Marauders are back!

I’m amazed. I hadn’t realized I had missed them until they were gone. This series is what really got me noticed. But as I grew, I grew away from them. But as I returned to their world, updating things and fixing things– I realized just how much I missed the druids themselves. In the years I’ve been away, I’ve been playing with their stories, shifting them, changing them subtly, but bringing them up to where I am now and where I need them to be. But more importantly, I realize that I need to make sure the stories are true to the characters needs as well. Which is why I made the decision to self publish the series.  Continue reading

Working Hard

Gods, I’ve been working hard and at the same time, feeling like I’ve been hardly working. I’ve been doing edits (which seem to take forever!) and at the same time, working towards getting some of my older books ready to be released by self publishing. That’s not an easy process- but one I’m excited to do. It means I’ve got some control for myself in that I can take the time to make the stories how I want- Go me! LOL

I also prepped myself for DragonCon! The list of people going there is just astonishing this year! I can’t wait. John Barrowman! Eve Myles! Adam West! Nichelle Nichols! Patrick Stewart! Jamie Bamber! Gods save me now! I must just keel over in happiness! This is a huge incentive for me to not only stick to my diet and eating right, but also to walk more and do what I need to do to be healthy! Go me!

The writing is getting there. I’ve changed in the way I look at my writing. More importantly, my writing has shifted– a lot. This isn’t a bad thing– but it is a thing. But I’m working hard to get my writing out there now, because I’ve found what I want and need to be happy again. I’ve also decided, since I’ve gotten engaged– when I do write my full fantasy and mystery books, I will write under the pen name of Cynnara Jean. This will honour both my mom and my male. *grins* Yes, sometimes it’s good to be me!

So thank you, the reader, the fellow author and my friends. Thank you for being there and just being by my side as I traverse this weird road of learning how to write again and learning how to be me again. It’s not easy and it’s not something I’d recommend for everyone. But for me, it’s a way back to happiness– something I’ve needed for a long long time.