Nothing but the News


Today’s top feature… work got weird. Yes, the day job that is actually overnight– is not going to be much longer. Come the end of the month– it’ll be gone. However, do not cry for me. I haven’t lost my job completely. My company is moving all of us to other departments. Thus, I spent a day having to decide which departments fit me best and which hours (which are NOT overnight) would be most likely for me to enjoy and be easier on us as a family. So, that’s what I did. I also had to get over that nagging sensation like I was losing my job again. It’s not like that, the contract is just up with the company and they elected not to renew. Nothing major. But at the same time, part of me feels like I’ve been dumped. I know it’s silly, but there you have it. However, the news I got on Saturday, more than made up for my Friday. 

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Excerpt: Teaching the Male

I’ve been so excited over this short story I wrote. Granted I was forced into writing it because of my crit partners who were listening to me bitch via IM about my male that night. But it’s funny how a story can take away the sting and give you some type of closure. Now I look at the story fondly and think that all men should be required to read at least one romance novel a year. At least. Continue reading