Struggles and Writing

cynwritetalkSo I sit here today watching football in a booth with my male and his mom at a regional chain restaurant. It’s a bit liberating and at the same time it’s chaotic. Do I love football? Yes. Am I fanatic? No. But the energy is great. It’s also a great way to help focus your mind on something new and let yourself go in new directions. I needed this. For a while now I’ve been struggling with some writing issues. I go through good and bad moments with my writing. Things have been better but with my work schedule, it’s been so difficult. However, I’ve had some tarot readings that really made me look at things in a new way. Plus, I’ve made some changes at how I look at myself that are helping me view my writing in a new light. Continue reading

Tarot Reading for $5

Fellow author, Darragha Foster, does tarot readings. In fact, for one question, she only charges $5. Many of you are prolly wondering if it’s worth the time and money? Well, I go to very few people in my life when I need a reading. And I’m the type to wait until I can’t help it before getting a reading done. (I know, bad me..bad!) Yes, I do self readings, but sometimes, you can read what you want out of it if you’re not careful. Which is what I didn’t want to do. Continue reading