Sex Ed with Mistress Cynnara- How to Dom

Recently, someone asked me a question and I realized that it needed to be answered not just to her, but here on my site as well. 

Mistress Cynnara, my boyfriend wants me to dominate him, but because he’s younger, thinner, etc etc, I find it hard to dominate him like I think he wants. How does one dominate another? — Dominew Continue reading

Sex Ed with Mistress Cynnara- Bow to me, my submissive

Bow Before Me and Know that you are—- Submissive


A submissive is a complex creature, just as a Dominant is. The need to submit and give up control to a trusted person is their goal and their need. The stereotype runs to the gelded male on all fours, naked, and begging for mercy, or the naked female who is collared and serving her Master in any degraded way demanded from him. Again, that’s not reality within the BDSM lifestyle, though some have chosen to live that way.

Though you may see versions of this, again, bear in mind SSC. There are more variations than this extreme. What most people unfamiliar with BDSM don’t realize is that a submissive gives power over themselves to a Dominant, yet they still have the ultimate control. How? If they don’t like something, they say their safe word and everything halts immediately. There is no maybe when it comes to this kind of play. It’s either yes, no, or slowly, I’m not sure. Continue reading