Craft of Writing- Finishing a Major Project

Today I finished the largest project I’ve undertaken in a while– plotting the end of Pirate Queen’s Rebellion, aka PQR. I say this is a large undertaking because it took me almost three days to exclusively concentrate on this one project. Totaling up the hours, you’re looking at almost 30 hours of writing time. That is intensive for me. I started around 11 am or noon and finished about midnight or 1 am.
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Craft of Writing: Speed Writing- OMG

You might be wondering why someone who has ADD and other health issues would be writing on speedwriting. It’s a fair question and one that I can actually answer with happiness. Okay, maybe not happiness, but at least truthfully and perhaps give you some insight on how you can make speedwriting help you through those hard times when things aren’t going so well. There’s a few theories on why speedwriting works for many people and why it doesn’t for others. I’m going to cover them both. Then I’m going to cover how speedwriting and speedtranscribing can benefit those with disabilities. Continue reading