A Little Love and Praise

I don’t often talk about my life outside of writing and being an author. There are reasons for that– most people wouldn’t be interested in that. But I am a football fan. So, I’m watching today in anticipation to see who will be in the Super Bowl. Though I’ve been a Patriot fan for a long time, I’ve lived in Florida for over a decade– so part of me wants the Ravens to win because Ray Lewis is from where I live currently. (Go Ray! Go Ray!) The 49ers have won– and I have many fond memories of them winning when I was younger. I admit, I enjoyed watching Montana and Jerry Rice play. They were just amazing to watch. I love football. I am still a Bears fan– they’re my hometown team– the team I grew up with– the team my core heart holds tight. Baseball–my beloved Cubs. Still adore my Red Sox, but the Cubs will still be number one. There is the belief by some that once they win the World Series, it’ll be the end of the world– I’m on the fence about this one. 

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Guest: My Strange Sources of Inspiration by Milly Taiden

Today, I am hosting a brand new author, Ms. Milly Taiden! She is over at Etopia Press with me and Selena Illyria! We’re very proud of her new book and I wanted to share more about her with you. So I asked her if she would tell us a bit about the things that inspire her writing. So give a big welcome to Milly! ~~~~~~~~~ Continue reading

Inspirations- People, Places and Things

When I wrote the title out, I started singing the Schoolhouse Rock song for “Nouns.” I loved Schoolhouse Rock, it helped me not only in school, but even as an adult, it helps me to remember things like what nouns are, what conjunctions do, the planets (Interplanet Janet!), and more. Who remembers how a bill becomes a law? Thanks to many of us in the US who grew up watching Schoolhouse Rock– we know and we specifically know that law was one dealing with school buses and railroad tracks.  But this topic today is about inspiration– what inspires us to write.  Continue reading

The Redemption Factor in Writing

Recently, Selena Illyria was talking about killing off a character in her blog. It reminded me of a blog topic I had written on but had never posted– that of redemption. It’s an important topic for me personally, and it’s one that I find happens in my stories- either to the main characters or somewhere in the secondary characters. The theme of redemption is simply important to me. But it never became so clear to me how important until….Star Wars. *grins*  Continue reading

Changeling Press– Here I Come!

That’s right– today, I received word that my submission to Changeling was accepted! I was a runner up in the Shamrock Challenge with my Savvy Author’s pitch. What this means to me is something unique and more importantly– something I’ve desired for a long time. I’m thrilled with this new development and more importantly, I can’t wait to work with Changeling. Thanks to M and everyone. *sniffles*