Sex Ed with Mistress Cynnara- More Ideas for Rough Sex

This week’s topic is about rough sex. It’s been a popular one with both men and women. Sometimes, it’s good to fuck and fuck hard. But many people wonder about the physics of rough sex and how to do it so it doesn’t hurt too much. So, we’re going to cover some ideas on how to roughen up your sex life without being sore for a week afterwards. Continue reading

Sex Ed with Mistress Cynnara- Rough Sex

I’m sorry I’ve not been around lately, my health has not been great, so I’ve been spending many a day and night sleeping and trying to get healthy. But while doing that, I’ve managed to find that there are a lot of sex questions out there. Some that surprise even me, which means they’re on my list to do.

Mistress Cynnara- My SO and I aren’t really kinky, but we both enjoy what’s commonly called “rough sex”. Some of our friends think that we’re freaks because we like a bit of rough play in our sex. Are we really freakish? —- Roughing and Loving Continue reading