Row80– 4th Quarter Plotting

I’m prepping for the last quarter of Row80. I’m also prepping for NaNoWriMo. Notice the panic. Lol. On the plus side, I’m taking two classes to help with Nano. One is a Nano prep class. The second is a class about Scrivener. I’m learning tons in both. These two classes will benefit me in my writing as well.
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Guest: Destiny Blaine- First and Ten: Let the Games Begin

Champagne Book Group and Destiny Blaine team up to bring sports romance readers a new line of sports romance novellas


Coming to Champagne Book Group and Carnal Passions on September 2, 2013 


First and Ten: Let the Games Begin

“A Swinging Gate Sports Romance”


First and Ten_DB


Tagline/Logline:   In football and romance, true winners are only determined by how long their hearts stay invested in the game.


Back cover blurb: 

Football superstar Kemper Kapertone is caught in a compromising position. Thrust into a media frenzy, Kemper flies across the country hoping to save a relationship now shattered beyond repair.

Tired of waiting on the sidelines, Kara Ball decides the role of jilted lover doesn’t work for her. Kara springs into action and pursues her sexy neighbor, an irresistible Dom who is twenty-seven years her senior and the object of her most recent fantasies.

Zak Stone stops by Kara’s condominium to drop off a parcel, but after the sexy seductress learns of her boyfriend’s engagement, plans change.  Soon, Kara opens up a package filled with illicit toys and the naughty ideas start churning. 

While Kemper races against time to set things right, Kara invites Zak to stay overnight, hoping an evening of passion will keep him coming back for more. Fortunately for Kara, Zak is only interested in playing for keeps.

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ROW80 Update: Writing and Camp Nano

So, I’ve been writing hard this week. Gods, way too hard it seems. I made my goal of 20k for the month in the first week! Can you believe it?! Go me! My wrists may never forgive me though. LOL I’ve done close to 24k this week alone. I’d have to actually sit and figure it out, but I’m not pulling out my spreadsheet for you. Not until the end of the month. But it’s been a huge week for me.  Continue reading

Celebrating My Mom and My Books

Today is both bittersweet and joyful. My mom died 5 years ago today from lung cancer. She was my biggest cheer leader when it came to my writing. I miss her so much. At the same time, my books are doing well–something that would make her so proud. So today, I celebrate her life and my books. She’d be thrilled with that, I think. Looking back, I know my mom was a huge influence on why I write.  Continue reading