ROW80: Why the Grass is Greener and Cleaner

healthy-lawnI know, you’re laughing at me. It’s the old adage,  “The grass is always greener on the other side.” For me, it’s true but not. For me, the grass is greener and it’s cleaner than it has at all over the past few months. But that’s more my personal thing than my writing thing. We’ll cover that too. Writing is also greener too. It’s getting cleaner as well. That’s what happens when you’ve got good people you can work with and bounce ideas when you need it. Which is why I can say– I like my green grass! It reminds me of growing up in Illinois and in North Carolina. The grass was always great to lay down on, allowing you to gaze into the sky while not worrying about killer fire ants like here in Florida. It’s also a sign to me that I’m happy. Things are growing, organizing themselves, and finally, things are simplifying even while complicated. I know that sounds crazy but work with me here– it works.  Continue reading

Writing and the Puppy

I sit here this week and I’m working on a couple of projects. My dog, Shango sits next to me on the floor. This will change shortly. Why? Because my dog does NOT like me on the computer. After a while, there will be a nudge with his nose against my arm. I will pet him and continue working. Then a few minutes later, there will be another, followed by a few more. This in turn will then be met by him jumping up and his front paws landing on my arm. This is his way of saying, “Enough of that computer thing! It’s about ME!” What does this have to do about writing?  Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Happy 2013! I hope everyone has a safe and happy day today! This is the first day of the new year and today I’m spending it organizing. Well, organizing and doing some promoting of my books. Why? Because that’s my plan this year– more writing, more promoting and honestly, I’m planning my wedding as well. *gasps* Yeah, I know– who knew! LOL 

But the other thing I plan on doing this year is a blessing jar– any time that things go well, something good happens, any blessing that happens go in that jar. Then if I feel bad and when the year ends, I’ll be able to see just how blessed I truly am. Sometimes we need this reminders to see just how well off we are– maybe not in a monetary way, but in other ways. 

The other thing I plan for this year is to expand on my crafting skills. Why? Because doing things like my jewelry, my crochet, and some of my other crafts seems to help me with my writing as well. It gives me pleasure and it helps deepen myself in another way. I like that. 

Dictation is hit and miss still– but that’s because I need to train Dragon better. I need the latest Dragon. I’m saving up for that. I figure that will be my March purchase. Once I have that and train it– it’ll be better for me in the long run to help me with my writing. Go me! I can’t wait to be able to get back on track and on target. It’s a slow, methodical process, but if I can do it one step at a time, I can get it done. Which is the plan for this year– to do it and to make it more streamlined by year’s end. Go me! 

And I want to start the year with a THANK YOU. This is for the readers, the reviewers, the authors who have stood by me, hugged me, and walked by me side the past few years as I’ve struggled with many personal issues– health and otherwise. So thank you. Thank you so much as I make this year my comeback year. 

Remember you can find my books at my publishers– Etopia Press, Loose Id, Changeling Press– or at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ARe, or Kobo. Through the year, you’ll see more contests, releases and more– I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on this past year– hopefully, you’ll enjoy the new books that will be coming out. 

Love and blessings to you all! 


Cynnara Tregarth 

Craft of Writing: Does Our Hard Work Pay Off?

Authors are a funny bunch of people. We write alone, unless we work together on a group project. Then we swoon over covers—unless they are yucky- then hear us be crabby. We love sharing excerpts; we want to be the Kings and Queens of Tease! But more importantly, we try our best to make people want to pick up our books. The only thing we wonder is—does our hard work pay off, or are we often just talking to hear ourselves talk? Sometimes, we need feedback from the people who matter most- our readers!  Continue reading