Cyn and the Pedometer

I bought a pedometer the other week, finally getting it to work on Sunday. So, I wear it thinking I’ll be amazed at how many steps I take every day. Here I am thinking I’m doing at least 3k a day. At the end of the first day at work, I look down at it and blink. It’s almost to 3k, but it’s not as many points as I thought it’d be worth. I was seriously disappointed to find out that I need to add more walking into my day. It’s not that I’m lazy, but honestly, with the hot weather and high humidity, I’m not one for being outside to increase my likelihood of having an asthma attack. Yet…there’s this part of me that’s wanting that 4k mark badly.

So, I’m plotting out my strategy for this weekend at work. I’ll stand more at my workstation, doing my walking in place to get more steps in. I’ll do my stretches, which my doctors are requiring of me anyway for my fibromyalgia. Those stretches count as they add up over time. Then on my breaks, I’ll walk a bit more instead of sitting and talking the entire time. That should help too. Perhaps I’ll even go for an afternoon stroll once I get home from work. There’s got to be a way!

Me and the pedometer. It’s an evil thing– and now I’m addicted to making that number go up!