The Marauders are back!

I’m amazed. I hadn’t realized I had missed them until they were gone. This series is what really got me noticed. But as I grew, I grew away from them. But as I returned to their world, updating things and fixing things– I realized just how much I missed the druids themselves. In the years I’ve been away, I’ve been playing with their stories, shifting them, changing them subtly, but bringing them up to where I am now and where I need them to be. But more importantly, I realize that I need to make sure the stories are true to the characters needs as well. Which is why I made the decision to self publish the series.  Continue reading

Snippet Thursday- Story Idea

I’m not quite sure where this will go or if it will go. We shall see. But I admit, I’m fond of the story idea behind it.


Katja sat at her computer, staring at the email she wrote. Fear beat in her heart as she hit send. She was risking it all on a small chance that she hadn’t fucked up once more. Rubbing the ache at the back of her neck, she logged off and went to take a shower before bed.

How had this happened, she wondered. How could I mess up in something so important to me? Carelessly, Katja stripped off her jeans and shirt. After getting the water as hot as she could tolerate it, Katja stepped into the shower. As the water sluiced over her body, her mind kept tumbling over what happened and how she could make it right. Though her friend said everything was okay, in her heart, she knew that wasn’t completely true.

Taking the washcloth, she poured some of her favourite shower gel on it and lathered it up. As she scrubbed her body clean, memories of being washed by another teased her body and mind. Slowly, she allowed the memories to overwhelm her, bringing them to life once more. The only person she could talk to about this problem just happened to be the person involved and it left her feeling bereft. Her hands slowly slid up her legs, washing in small circles teasing each inch of flesh. Then as she washed her thighs, she could feel his touch, his breath upon them. Her body trembled in the throes of the memory.

The washcloth felt slick yet had a slightly rough texture against her skin. Katja bit back a moan as she trailed it up her stomach and rubbed it against her breasts. She was playing with fire, bringing forth the memories of that one incident. However, her need to feel him, be close with him was guiding her. Katja let loose the last restraint that kept the memories from being relived and suddenly she felt him there. His hands covered hers and began massaging her breasts, his mouth claiming hers.

A jangle of the phone broke the moment. Katja bit back a cry of frustration as the sensations fled. “Dammit, who ever is calling best be giving me good news.”

She stepped out of the wet shower, the cordless phone ringing on the bathroom counter. Drying her hands on a towel, she then answered it. “Hello.”

“Katja? It’s Damian. You’ve got a few minutes to talk?”

She looked down at her wet, soapy body and chuckled. “Can I put you on hold just for a couple of minutes? I’m dripping wet and need a towel.”

There was a slight pause on the other end, then a low chuckle. “I don’t mind, but go ahead.”

Katja placed Damian on hold then jumped into the shower, rinsing off her body. Her heart was racing as she tried to figure out why Damian was calling now. She shut off the water and grabbed the warm towel hanging from the hook. Wrapping herself in it, she picked up the phone and took Damian off hold.

“What’s going on? It’s like four in the morning there,” she said, her tone showing her concern.

“I couldn’t sleep well. What’s going on with you, Katja? You’ve been hiding from everyone online and in person. Hell, not even your closest friends have been able to find out what’s going on. So, I’m calling. What the fuck is going on, Katja?”

Katja sighed, knowing she couldn’t dodge Damian. He was one of her closest friends and of all the people she knew, he knew some of her most closely guarded secrets. Wiping away a droplet of water from her forehead, she left the bathroom and headed to the living room where she could sit and talk. “I’m not going to lie to you, Damian. Yes, something is going on, but I’m not sure how to talk about it.”

“Try. Hell, whatever is going on has even Garrett upset. He says he hasn’t heard from you in a couple of days, which is a lot more recent than any of us.”

Katja curled up on the couch, pulling the afghan over her hips and legs. She closed her eyes and tried to think on how to explain her actions. Nothing seemed right or accurate. Lying to Damian was an impossible task; he always knew when she held back.

“What do you want me to say, Damian? Right now, I’m trying to handle something beyond my comprehension. Well, perhaps not beyond it, but definitely a first in my books. I shared a link with someone and it was a complete one. The person also felt it.”

The quietness on the other end of the line told Katja that Damian was trying to take in the subtlety of her words. She wasn’t sure that he completely understood what she meant, but there was no other way without saying exactly what happened.

“Kat. What happened and does Garrett have anything to do with this?”

She bit the inside of her cheek while trying to not curse Damian for his insight. It was one of his gifts and she hated when he turned it on her. They were close enough as friends, but sometimes, it made it tough for them both to handle. Especially when she spoke of things that he had hidden and she knew anyway. The joys of having psi-talents.

“Yes. What happened is hard to explain. You know I’m going to Brussels and Amsterdam next week, right?” She heard his murmur of assent. “Well, I’m not sure I’ll be meeting up with Garrett while I’m there after all.”

“Why not? What does this have to do with your empathy-“ His voice faded away for a moment. “Shit. He’s empathic too?”

Katja didn’t answer. There was no need as Damian realized the truth of it. She picked at the hand-knitted afghan and tried to keep her mental shields where not even Damian could get past them. Finally, Damian broke the uncomfortable silence. “You want to tell me what happened?”

Book Trailers– I finally did one!

Yuppers, I did, I did! I’ve uploaded it onto Youtube.  It’s for my books, Shades of Fyre, the easiest book to put together something. I’m hoping the next time I’ve got downtime that I can do one for Treaty of Desire or one of my other books at Loose Id. It was fun to do!