Writing- This Week’s Writing

So, I’m doing Around the Word in 80 Days and I’ve been writing. With both my Morning Pages (ala The Artist Way by Julie Cameron), writing Se’s story, and handwriting– I’ve done over 4k this week. It’s not completely what I wanted to do, but it’s good. Really good. I even did my work’s newsletter. (I deserve bonus points for this.)

How does this put me for the coming week? I’m working to try to make the same or more for this week. So feel free to cheer me on, kick my butt, or send me inspiration. In fact, the male and I had date night Saturday¬† and we went to see Season of the Witch. I really enjoyed the movie. It really helped to push some serious creative mojo in the well and also got my mind thinking in various ways in regards to medieval times, witchcraft and how times have and haven’t changed. Really helps when it comes to the fact I write a lot of pagan themed books.

Do I recommend seeing the movie? Yes, if you want to see some cool CGI, some battle scenes, and something that will make you think. No, if you don’t like to spend money and if you know a lot about the medieval times and how the Church viewed witchcraft and women in general. There are a couple of surprises I won’t spoil for you as they really helped to move and develop the plot along, let’s just say– they do really well with some of the red herrings. Oh yeah, Nicholas Cage looks verra nice in the movie and the young Kay looks very roguish himself! *grins*

Pagan- Litha- Solstice of Summer

As I sit here the day before Litha, I am contemplating the recipes that I’ll be making.¬† Some of them I’ll be doing as is, others I’ll be lightening up to fit into my new eating plan. What’s interesting to me is how I view Litha- a time to celebrate the light half of the year. It’s the summer solstice, the longest day of the year- where night is short. For me, it’s a celebration of astronomical significance and also a time to bring in the first harvests from springtime. Though I’ve had some harvests, these are my major things- potatoes, corn, peppers, etc. Luckily where I live has a year round growing time, but still I treasure this cycle when and where I can. Continue reading

Pagan: Why I’m considered an Eclectic Pagan

The past few days, I’ve been thinking on the non-fiction book dealing with paganism I’ve been wanting to write. How my beliefs and my growing knowledge has led me to honouring not just part of my ethnic heritages but the idea of all being important to my spiritual and mental health. Most people learn one tradition, thinking that it’s the end all be all of their beliefs. Whether it’s druidism, Asatru, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, or any other religion, there are very few that teach that other beliefs are valid. (There are a few religions, and I applaud their ability to be open and to see the value inherent of others.) Continue reading

Pagan: Element- Spirit

Many people who believe in the four main elements of the Middle Ages- air, earth, water, fire, do not count spirit among them. For them, Spirit comes from man or a higher power, not part of the elemental focus. Yet, when you consider the balance of the elements, you can’t deny the way Spirit unites them all. Spirit is truly a neutral element- neither male nor female, but both at the same time. To people who serve the spirit, the element often has female properties they see more often. Sometimes it’s harder to discern the positive and negative of spirit, especially in how personal people see Spirit. But it can be done. Continue reading

Pagan: Elements- Water

So far in our discussion of the Elements, we’ve talked about Earth and Air. Today’s topic is that of Water. Water is fluid, changeable. When working with this element, we discover the fine art of flexibility. When it comes to the duality of the Elements, we discover that Water has more of a feminine quality. This is why sailors often called the ocean and the seas as their “mistress.” Continue reading