ROW80 Update: Writing and Camp Nano

So, I’ve been writing hard this week. Gods, way too hard it seems. I made my goal of 20k for the month in the first week! Can you believe it?! Go me! My wrists may never forgive me though. LOL I’ve done close to 24k this week alone. I’d have to actually sit and figure it out, but I’m not pulling out my spreadsheet for you. Not until the end of the month. But it’s been a huge week for me.  Continue reading

Working Hard

Gods, I’ve been working hard and at the same time, feeling like I’ve been hardly working. I’ve been doing edits (which seem to take forever!) and at the same time, working towards getting some of my older books ready to be released by self publishing. That’s not an easy process- but one I’m excited to do. It means I’ve got some control for myself in that I can take the time to make the stories how I want- Go me! LOL

I also prepped myself for DragonCon! The list of people going there is just astonishing this year! I can’t wait. John Barrowman! Eve Myles! Adam West! Nichelle Nichols! Patrick Stewart! Jamie Bamber! Gods save me now! I must just keel over in happiness! This is a huge incentive for me to not only stick to my diet and eating right, but also to walk more and do what I need to do to be healthy! Go me!

The writing is getting there. I’ve changed in the way I look at my writing. More importantly, my writing has shifted– a lot. This isn’t a bad thing– but it is a thing. But I’m working hard to get my writing out there now, because I’ve found what I want and need to be happy again. I’ve also decided, since I’ve gotten engaged– when I do write my full fantasy and mystery books, I will write under the pen name of Cynnara Jean. This will honour both my mom and my male. *grins* Yes, sometimes it’s good to be me!

So thank you, the reader, the fellow author and my friends. Thank you for being there and just being by my side as I traverse this weird road of learning how to write again and learning how to be me again. It’s not easy and it’s not something I’d recommend for everyone. But for me, it’s a way back to happiness– something I’ve needed for a long long time.