Celebrating My Mom and My Books

Today is both bittersweet and joyful. My mom died 5 years ago today from lung cancer. She was my biggest cheer leader when it came to my writing. I miss her so much. At the same time, my books are doing well–something that would make her so proud. So today, I celebrate her life and my books. She’d be thrilled with that, I think. Looking back, I know my mom was a huge influence on why I write.  Continue reading

Inspirations- People, Places and Things

When I wrote the title out, I started singing the Schoolhouse Rock song for “Nouns.” I loved Schoolhouse Rock, it helped me not only in school, but even as an adult, it helps me to remember things like what nouns are, what conjunctions do, the planets (Interplanet Janet!), and more. Who remembers how a bill becomes a law? Thanks to many of us in the US who grew up watching Schoolhouse Rock– we know and we specifically know that law was one dealing with school buses and railroad tracks.  But this topic today is about inspiration– what inspires us to write.  Continue reading

Close Call and Relief

Today is the first day I’ve felt like being on the computer since I went to my doctor’s office on Thursday. I posted mostly about my surgery and more on it at the Amoketeer’s blog. I wanted to reiterate on my blog about getting regular health checkups. Though they can be a pain in the neck, they also can nip things in the bud. For me, pressing forward in getting my hysterectomy was a lifesaver. Continue reading

Personal: Birthday

I hope everyone had a happy Labour Day. Not only was it a US holiday, it was also my birthday. I managed to sleep in, do a personal magick ritual for myself, and my male brought me to his place for the day. *grins* He cooked for me, cleaned, and then took me out for my walk. I’ve not told him yet about my left heel being a bother(I know what it is, but the description defies me right now–it’s a little piece of calcium that keeps hooking onto the muscle, causing pain when I flex my foot.) Continue reading