SexEd: History of Vibrators

History can be fun. Researching certain historical sex toys even more enjoyable.  You might be wondering what caused this fun loving moment for me. It came about when my grandparents passed away and my mom and I were going through some of the old things in their basement. One of the things I discovered happened to be in a special trunk. It was small, compact, but labelled “For Health Use Only.” Oh yeah, my curiosity said, “What is this? How could this be?” So I took the trunk over to where my mom was in the laundry area of the basement and opened it up. Looking back, I shouldn’t have done that. Yet, on another level, it was worth seeing the look on my mom’s face. 

BDSM 101: Kink for You

It’s been a while since Mistress Cyn has graced her presence on these pages. I’ve been debating on whether people want to see more on not just BDSM but about kinky sex. Imagine my surprise when I got back from Dragon Con and more to find out the answer is YES! So, I thought on the things I’ve been learning recently, and I wanted to talk about kink. Why? Because kink covers such a huge range from the mild to the wild and back again. These days for authors– they can go as mild as sex against the wall to as far out as pretty hardcore BDSM as long as it’s done well. (I won’t go into 50 Shades of Grey. I just won’t.)  Continue reading

Sex Ed with Mistress Cynnara- Fulfilling Fantasies

Today is a bit special for me. Something happened to me yesterday and I realized I needed to speak on it for all those people who might think that fantasies are nothing but imagination. Yesterday, my male fulfilled one of my biggest fantasies dealing with him. He’s known about this fantasy for a while now, but though he liked having his fantasies fulfilled, he wasn’t sure how I’d feel if I couldn’t have my whole fantasy given to me. Continue reading