A Little Love and Praise

I don’t often talk about my life outside of writing and being an author. There are reasons for that– most people wouldn’t be interested in that. But I am a football fan. So, I’m watching today in anticipation to see who will be in the Super Bowl. Though I’ve been a Patriot fan for a long time, I’ve lived in Florida for over a decade– so part of me wants the Ravens to win because Ray Lewis is from where I live currently. (Go Ray! Go Ray!) The 49ers have won– and I have many fond memories of them winning when I was younger. I admit, I enjoyed watching Montana and Jerry Rice play. They were just amazing to watch. I love football. I am still a Bears fan– they’re my hometown team– the team I grew up with– the team my core heart holds tight. Baseball–my beloved Cubs. Still adore my Red Sox, but the Cubs will still be number one. There is the belief by some that once they win the World Series, it’ll be the end of the world– I’m on the fence about this one. 

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The Male loves me!

I don’t often mention my male in my life. But today, he surprised me. Valentine’s Day is coming and normally, we get each other chocolate and cards. This year though, the man surprised me with a beautiful sterling silver opal necklace! It is absolutely beautiful and honestly, it reminds me of those goddess spiral pendants. You know the ones that start with the smallest loop on top, then get bigger and bigger? Yes, this is like that with the largest loop holding the opal in the middle. It’s really lovely and means a lot to me. He knows I love my opals as much as I adore sapphires. Plus he got me chocolate ice cream! *grins* Tell me that isn’t love! LOL