ROW80: Why the Grass is Greener and Cleaner

healthy-lawnI know, you’re laughing at me. It’s the old adage,  “The grass is always greener on the other side.” For me, it’s true but not. For me, the grass is greener and it’s cleaner than it has at all over the past few months. But that’s more my personal thing than my writing thing. We’ll cover that too. Writing is also greener too. It’s getting cleaner as well. That’s what happens when you’ve got good people you can work with and bounce ideas when you need it. Which is why I can say– I like my green grass! It reminds me of growing up in Illinois and in North Carolina. The grass was always great to lay down on, allowing you to gaze into the sky while not worrying about killer fire ants like here in Florida. It’s also a sign to me that I’m happy. Things are growing, organizing themselves, and finally, things are simplifying even while complicated. I know that sounds crazy but work with me here– it works.  Continue reading

Row80– 4th Quarter Plotting

I’m prepping for the last quarter of Row80. I’m also prepping for NaNoWriMo. Notice the panic. Lol. On the plus side, I’m taking two classes to help with Nano. One is a Nano prep class. The second is a class about Scrivener. I’m learning tons in both. These two classes will benefit me in my writing as well.
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Promo: Pirate Queen’s Rebellion

I got my cover! *grins* It’s beautiful. It’s gorgeous. GD Leigh rocks. I think I love GD. *nods* I do. The wonderful thing about all this is that I can share with you some more info on Pirate Queen’s Rebellion now. Aren’t you excited? I am! I’m counting down the weeks and I’m putting together a lovely giveaway to celebrate.  Continue reading

Promo: Pirate Queen’s Rebellion

Coming Soon! I just got the news it’s up on the Loose Id Site! Yay! Cover coming soon. When it does, we’ll have a lovely cover reveal. This way, I can tease you all and make myself happy in the process. *grins* So where do you go to find out more about Pirate Queen’s Rebellion? Click the link below. Enjoy. Bookmark it. It’s coming soon. Don’t miss out. You don’t want to miss out on my return. Not when it’s so wonderful and wild….and hot. So very very hot. 


Pirate Queen’s Rebellion at Loose Id 

ROW80– The End of a Quarter

No way…it can’t be. But it is. *blinks* It’s the end of a quarter. I’ve made it. Someone shout it out to the world. Except for one major week of hell— where I missed posting 2 times– I posted the entire time for Round of Words in 80 Days. *does happy dance* WHOOO HOOOO! This is cause for celebration! Let the party commence.  Continue reading