Updates, Writing, and More

Sometimes it surprises me just how much I do manage to get done on my days off. It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally updated my website, finished edits on one of my older books, and got some stuff at home finished with 1.5 days left this week. For me, this is simply amazing. It took about a month to get used to working 10 hour work days, but I’m getting there. Continue reading

A Little Bit Personal– and a bit Working

Today’s post is about me. The past month I’ve been quieter than normal. Yes, part of it was getting used to my new work schedule of 10 hour days. It’s neat having 3 days off, but those 4 days on do kick your ass. This is no joke. But there is another reason for my being quiet. I knew something was off on my stomach recently. There was a bulge when I sat up or when I moved around, even when I pushed against the counter to do dishes or clean up a bit. What I didn’t expect was the aftermath which followed when I told my doctor in my first checkup of the year. I figured it was a hernia. I was right. That said– there was more to it than that.  Continue reading

Pirate Queen’s Rebellion– It’s Out!

It’s out! It’s out! I’m so excited! I cannot stand it! I’ve gone and giggled, pointed, and jumped up and down! Pirate Queen’s Rebellion is out! I couldn’t be more thrilled right now. It means the world to me to have this book out. I’ve worked so hard for so long and finally it’s here. More importantly, this book is part of my heart, part of my soul. It’s also part of my thank you for my male– to thank him for standing by me while I relearned how to write again. To thank him for sharing his secret fantasies and listening to mine. For letting me take one of his and making it my own. Because the heart of this story is actually his.  😉

Continue reading

ROW80– Tottering on the Brink

Keep-Writing-ClockKeep-Writing-ClockTimeToday is about refocusing and how I’m trying hard not to feel like I suck right now. I know in my head that I don’t. But in my heart and the part of me that writes– I feel completely yucky. I’ve been doing Nano and slowly losing ground. My focus is shot because my day job got hard. Really hard. As in a college semester worth of work and mindfulness hard in one month– and OMG, what the hell am I thinking on taking this on while doing the other- hard. I know, I should be slowly working for my daily counts, just pushing through it all. But it’s not that easy for me. Not this month. Let me explain.  Continue reading

ROW80– Brief Update

Taking Savvy Author Classes. This week I finish up Nano Prep class and my Scrivener course. OMG, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Scrivener course. Why? Because for the first time ever– I can use it! Do you know how awesome that is? A huge thanks to Patrick Haggerty for teaching us and for just really going that extra mile for using videos and text. It so made the difference to me. Continue reading