The Cons of going to a Con

I’m writing today about the cons of going to cons. I’m not talking about the monetary issues. That’s always a minus, though for most of us, it is a tax write-off. The thing that most of us don’t always worry about when we’re at a con is our health. Now for me, being gluten free, means I have to always worry about where I’m going to eat if I don’t bring food with me. Luckily there are apps out there I can use to help find great places to eat that are gluten free. But beyond that, it’s about the health. People attend these cons with colds, having been exposed to gods knows what and gods knows who– and with my compromised immune system– I’m just NOW getting over the cough and cold that I caught at Dragon Con. At first I thought it was allergies. Nope. Come to find out– it’s viral. *headdesk*  Continue reading

Writing and Health- They don’t always work together

I sit here after a week of hell. You might think I suffered at the day job or that writing kicked my ass. You’d be wrong. I got waylaid by my allergies which then hit a virus and laid me flat out. I normally take very good care to not allow myself too much exposure because I have an auto-immune disease that compromises my health if I’m not careful. But the weather had been good and honestly, the allergies had moderated after a terrible time earlier in the month. Yet, it was this suffering that made me think hard on what damage a writer does to herself. It also came up in the online writers group I’m on. There were some good points made. Continue reading

Cranky at the Tele- or Cyn’s back has got to go!

I see the newest member of my family has made himself known to all– all hail the Shango! *grins* He’s a good boy, even if he is still a beggar at the table for food and likes to sniff out scents and wander wherever instead of going on a proper walk! But it doesn’t help when I’m walking him and try to avoid one hole in the ground only to step into another one and throw out my lower back. Can we say pain? Yes, we can. So, I spent about 4 days mostly in bed, watching television. Caught up on the news– some of which I wish I had never watched– while on others, realized I still feel strongly about. Then I got into watching the whole first season of Merlin and so want to have at the young Arthur (can we say he’s just yummy?). I’ve also caught up on Flash Forward (it’s addictive and I can’t help it. I can’t wait to see what happens next!), so I’m prepping for my surgery on April 7th.

Continue reading

Personal: Doing for Myself

Today, I’m posting for me, about me. Last week Thursday, I got my hair cut, styled, and coloured. I love it. It’s still easy to take care of and my natural waves and curls are now coming out more. One of my workmates did it for me- and she did a fantastic job! I’ve begun taking small steps towards doing more for myself and to get myself back in shape, physically, mentally and in my writing. It’s not easy, because I’m still very tired easily and my sleep has good and bad nights. It’s definitely hard to overcome that, but I’m trying hard to do so. Continue reading