Vacation, Writing and more

75ac72d6bd2bf836035e2d1aada9cb8dThis is how I’m feeling since I’ve been back from vacation. Pleasure is important–whether it’s physically or emotionally. I had a great time with my family, but I knew when I got home, things were going to change for me both at my day job and for my writing. Little did I realize how true that would be. My left hand, which is my dominant hand, has been giving me issues for a while, stepped it up even more. I’m now wearing my hand braces more. Worse, I have to wear the compression gloves pretty much every day at work and at home. When I see my specialist, I have a feeling we’ll be negotiating on cortisone shots and possible surgery. *whimpers* Until then, I’ve indulged in some pleasures– reading, learning about real food, my aromatherapy, and indulging in my energy readings.  Continue reading