Count me in A Round the Words in 80 Days

I’m not a NaNoWriMo girl. I’m just not. It’s too much for me to do and have a life. I love Candy Haven’s Fast Draft– but it takes time for me to plan out to do that. So, Dawn Montgomery linked to it on FB and now I’ve joined the insane crew on the Starship 80 Days. How can you sign up? For me, I’m figuring out just how much I need to write during that time– I’m thinking about 1k per day, 5 days a week, with 2 days for promo and free writing.

So come and join me!

Personal: Doing for Myself

Today, I’m posting for me, about me. Last week Thursday, I got my hair cut, styled, and coloured. I love it. It’s still easy to take care of and my natural waves and curls are now coming out more. One of my workmates did it for me- and she did a fantastic job! I’ve begun taking small steps towards doing more for myself and to get myself back in shape, physically, mentally and in my writing. It’s not easy, because I’m still very tired easily and my sleep has good and bad nights. It’s definitely hard to overcome that, but I’m trying hard to do so. Continue reading