Aromatherapy 101: Patchouli

essential-OilAromatherapy. The word evokes a primal response in many people. We know that scent links memories for many people and for some, those scents can change bodily responses to various stimuli. Further, we know that essential oils have shown healing aspects through the years like lavender with burns or peppermint with digestive issues. For years I’ve been interested in scents and essential oils and dabbled with them on and off until finally I took the plunge to immerse myself in the world of essential oils and their benefits. Now I’m sharing some of what I learned with you. Continue reading

Writing and Aromatherapy

cynwritetalkPeople often wonder what it is I do since I write so many different things and I love doing various things. There is a phrase my friends and family know. “A bored Cyn is a dangerous Cyn.” This is known as a truism in my house. If I’m bored–things can get deadly or very dangerous. I start getting into trouble. Thus, it’s one reason when it was discovered one of my health issues included my slight manic need to know and that I get slightly obsessed in that phase– things started falling into place. My therapist laughed at me and started assigning me homework on various topics in regards to me getting better to help me understand my own condition. Honestly, it really helped. Strange, but there you go. What it also means is when I research- I tend to over-research because I have this intense need to know everything. Some people think it’s weird, but it makes me a quick “expert” in things which is beneficial when it comes to writing.  Continue reading