Inspirations- People, Places and Things

When I wrote the title out, I started singing the Schoolhouse Rock song for “Nouns.” I loved Schoolhouse Rock, it helped me not only in school, but even as an adult, it helps me to remember things like what nouns are, what conjunctions do, the planets (Interplanet Janet!), and more. Who remembers how a bill becomes a law? Thanks to many of us in the US who grew up watching Schoolhouse Rock– we know and we specifically know that law was one dealing with school buses and railroad tracks.  But this topic today is about inspiration– what inspires us to write.  Continue reading

Ashlyn Chase- A LAW lady and then some

Ashlyn is one of the LAW ladies and she’s amazed me at how she’s managed to push herself despite the bad weather and her own personal struggles of late. What makes it more amazing to me is that for a woman who has a strong sense of what she likes– she’s so willing to negotiate, even with the most stubborn of us. *grins*

But her writing–she’s so come into her own. Erotic romantic comedy is her thing. Trust me. When she first approached us LAW ladies about doing a story on her character, I admit to a slight hesitancy…then BAM I find it’s coming out at Ellora’s Cave. When I read the book I laughed and I grinned a LOT. Why? Because it means that it’s time for me to pick up the gauntlet she tossed at my feet and get writing Phoenyx’s story.

But what if you’ve not met the incomparable Ashlyn Chase? Take the time to do so. Really. Check out her website, Or take a look at her interview at The Romance Studio this month.

Many authors attempt to make comedy work in romance and it’s not always successful, but I have to admit– Ashlyn does it but good.