Sex Ed with Mistress Cynnara- How to Dom

Recently, someone asked me a question and I realized that it needed to be answered not just to her, but here on my site as well. 

Mistress Cynnara, my boyfriend wants me to dominate him, but because he’s younger, thinner, etc etc, I find it hard to dominate him like I think he wants. How does one dominate another? — Dominew Continue reading

Sex Ed with Mistress Cynnara- BDSM 101- The Dominant

Let’s hear it for the Dom/me!!

Let’s introduce the Dominant first. The stereotype is either a leather catsuit-clad woman in five inch heeled boots with whip in hand, or the male in leather pants, no shirt, though he may have harness strap-ons, and sometimes wears a mask. Sound familiar at all? According to stereotype, they’re all about control, causing pain, subjugating their submissive until they’re nothing more than pets, right? Continue reading

Flash Friday– Who’s in Charge?

Today’s flash is themed on Changeling Press’s Bar and Grill theme– Sex anywhere and everywhere. The idea of sex in such an adventurous manner has been playing at my mind all day while at the day job. But more importantly, it made me think about what is one person’s adventure is another person’s idea of boring. So, finally, after some thought, I think I have a decent sequence put together. It’s….definitely different. Continue reading