Craft of Writing: Writing with a Disability Pt.1

Ever since I wrote the article on speedwriting, my mind has been pushing the idea about disabilities and writing. I know it seems funny that they go hand in hand, but for many of us authors, they really do. Some authors you enjoy reading suffer from various ailments and they push through, trying their hardest to deliver their best for their readers. Sometimes the disabilities are physical, some are mental, some are a mixture of things. In the end, what sets those who succeed apart aren’t that they stubbornly persist, it’s that they find what truly works for them and their bodies. They find a routine that both nourishes their soul and helps them to succeed in the best way possible without doing more damage. It means taking the core of BICHOK and rearranging it to what works for them.  Continue reading

When Real Life Gets in the Way

The past couple of months have been very hard. At the end of January, I was going through a hard time emotionally and physically. It wasn’t anything I wanted to share except to close friends. Then I got a call from my fiance, letting me know that we going to lose our jobs at the beginning of March. Not good. Considering we are getting married this year, this wasn’t good. So, since early February, I’ve been job hunting, writing, getting myself healthy and trying not to go insane. Unfortunately, none of these things seem to be easy. The hardest part is the job searching. I wish I could make a living from writing alone, but that’s not always possible. Especially since I rely on health insurance for pesky medical issues I have. So that’s why you’ve seen me rarely online. Continue reading