A Little Bit Personal– and a bit Working

Today’s post is about me. The past month I’ve been quieter than normal. Yes, part of it was getting used to my new work schedule of 10 hour days. It’s neat having 3 days off, but those 4 days on do kick your ass. This is no joke. But there is another reason for my being quiet. I knew something was off on my stomach recently. There was a bulge when I sat up or when I moved around, even when I pushed against the counter to do dishes or clean up a bit. What I didn’t expect was the aftermath which followed when I told my doctor in my first checkup of the year. I figured it was a hernia. I was right. That said– there was more to it than that.  Continue reading

Happiness is a Giveaway

What is happiness? For many people it means many different things. For me, it means giving to those who have supported me. In this case, it means readers. I’m thrilled to join up with some great authors this month to do a fantastic giveaway. How fantastic? Let’s take a look! Continue reading

ROW80– Brief Update

Taking Savvy Author Classes. This week I finish up Nano Prep class and my Scrivener course. OMG, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Scrivener course. Why? Because for the first time ever– I can use it! Do you know how awesome that is? A huge thanks to Patrick Haggerty for teaching us and for just really going that extra mile for using videos and text. It so made the difference to me. Continue reading

BTS emag- Sunset on Summer Fun Blog Hop

Wow. Summer is coming to an end. Fall is arriving with a whoosh and a bang! I’m working on my next stories and I forget the passage of time. It’s like a sunset at the end of the day. It’s a beautiful time, one for reflection and for taking a deep breath to let out all the accumulated stress of the day. For me, it means reviewing all the things I’ve done this summer and seeing what’s up and coming for the fall. What it also means is that I’m part of the BTS emag’s Sunset on Summer Fun Blog Hop. This is going to be so much fun. There are contests, authors to learn about and so much fun to enjoy! So come on and let’s get started!  Continue reading

Oh No It’s Sunday!

You have to be here to understand the horror inherent in the title. I worked 6 days in a row for the day job. *sigh* Worse, and I say worse is the fact that I wasn’t supposed to do so. But then they turned the tables on us. Yes, the joys and thrills of it all. Because my shift became technically “split” between one day and the next– they decided– you can do this because on Friday night– your hours are split between one work week and the next. (Our week starts on Saturday at midnight through Friday at 11:59 pm.) You may scream with me at any time. But it is what it is. There’s got to be a cut off and I got caught in the middle. So gone were the midnight shifts– now I’m in for 10:30 pm. You’d think it would be easier– but it’s not. It’s actually harder. You lose more sleep because of how much time you tend to lose once you’re home having to get stuff done but nothing is really open, so you have to wait. Whereas before– you got out at 8:30 am, things were open and waiting for you. Yeah, Ugh.  Continue reading