Updates, Writing, and More

Sometimes it surprises me just how much I do manage to get done on my days off. It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally updated my website, finished edits on one of my older books, and got some stuff at home finished with 1.5 days left this week. For me, this is simply amazing. It took about a month to get used to working 10 hour work days, but I’m getting there. Continue reading

BDSM Blog Hop: How much Kink makes BDSM?

So, I’m sitting here way early in the morning, yawning and grinning. I’ve finished mad edits on a 70k book and I’m happy it’s done. Yet, I’m looking forward to working on my next BDSM book set in the same universe as Cupid Shoot, She Scores. I’ve compared the stories with the sex and though this contemporary book is hot and heavy, there is some BDSM techniques in there, though they’re subtly played upon in my upcoming release, Love Games. Are you shocked?  Continue reading

BDSM Blog Hop- Is consent necessary in BDSM romance?

Today, I’m part of the BDSM Blog Hop. As you can see, we’re talking BDSM and we’re enjoying it all! I’m actually thrilled to be part of this because for me, it’s about sharing what I enjoy writing and reading—good quality BDSM romance. One of the things I’m often asked by those from outside of the romance community, is how come romance readers seem to think that people in the BDSM lifestyle do not seem to take consent seriously? It got me thinking, which then led me to this blog post.

Continue reading

Writing- Finished Line Edits

Yuppers, I’ve finished line edits on Cupid Shoots, She Scores. This means, we get to look forward to the book being released… well…. soon. *grins* Rumour has it’ll be out sometime in February, but when I find out– you’ll find out. 

I’m actually excited because this world kinda gives me a way of bring all my stuff into both the past and the present. More importantly, I’m letting out my inner kink slut out to play. Yes, this is a good thing. 

If you’ve not seen the excerpt on this story yet– take a look at the Excerpt page for it and for more on the world of P3– take a look at the Other Worlds tab.