What to Write?

xwritersblockThis is the hardest part- figuring out what to write. I’m not back 100% so for me, writing nonfiction is easier than writing fiction. I am seriously considering turning some of my writer workshops into ebooks as I know they’d be fun and easy for me to do, but at the same time, I want to write fiction again. This is the toughest aspect of writing. When to push and when not to push. *sigh* Continue reading

CoW: Promotion– Or Did You Hear the News?

promoPromotion. If you’re an author — you’re either bouncing happily or you’re cringing in your seat. Me, I’m more than likely doing the latter. It’s not that I hate promoting, it’s just that sometimes promotion and I don’t always go hand in hand. However, with some creativity and dedication, I’m getting learning the art of organization and preparation for how to be more effective at promoting myself and others. Does this mean I promote every day? Not necessarily, and it’s not always a good thing for me to promote daily.  Continue reading

COW: Character Development

Sometimes characters come to you and they overwhelm you. Other times, they sit there, doing nothing for you or to you. When that happens, you need to do some character development. Why? Because your character is doing nothing for you– and in turn, does nothing for the reader you’re writing for. Those who overwhelm you– they’re larger than life, sometimes for the good, sometimes for the ill. Either way, when you put them on the page, they’re stunning. Which is why we want to bring those who are less so to that same kind of brilliance. The funny thing is– you don’t need to do a lot to achieve the same effect. So let’s look at how to develop great characters.  Continue reading

COW:Writing and wondering

I’ve been working on a new story for my publisher and I’ve been doing decent. My brain has been off center a bit, but that’s okay. Part of it is because of the weather, when it rains a lot I find it hard to focus. Then there’s the fact that I’ve been pushing myself hard this month. I’ve gotten a lot done. But I wonder– just how much in the scheme of things have I really gotten finished? It’s that time when I really take stock of myself and my writing.  Continue reading

ROW80 Update- Slow but Steady

Today I’m not doing a huge post. I’m so tired. I’ve struggled this past week, but that’s okay. I’m pulling hard on my reserves. I’ve done so much this month, that I’m allowed downtime. But if you ask me — I’ll tell you I need to keep going. Yet, my body informed me in no uncertain terms I was taking time off. So, with sore hands, aching body, and a headache that lasted two days, I took time off. I plotted my next story– got the basics down. Did some basic writing of the plot, got the blurb somewhat finalized and then collapsed in bed. Read about 4 books. Mysteries to be exact. Mysteries I promised myself if I did good this month. Ask me if I think I deserved them. The answer is YES! I deserved them and I’m unrepentant! But I also realized that slow and steady wins this race every time.  Continue reading