Craft of Writing: Does Our Hard Work Pay Off?

Authors are a funny bunch of people. We write alone, unless we work together on a group project. Then we swoon over covers—unless they are yucky- then hear us be crabby. We love sharing excerpts; we want to be the Kings and Queens of Tease! But more importantly, we try our best to make people want to pick up our books. The only thing we wonder is—does our hard work pay off, or are we often just talking to hear ourselves talk? Sometimes, we need feedback from the people who matter most- our readers!  Continue reading

Come One, Come All- Come take a Poll

Recently, there have been lots of talks regarding covers and sales in the ebook and print industry. So I wanted to take a poll to see what the reality is when it comes to how much influence cover art has on sales. The poll will run for a month, so please participate and pass on the link. The more we know, the more we can show if bad cover art or even great cover art can help sell our stories or break our stories.

I got my cover! WHOO HOO!

Just got my cover for Love Beyond Time! It’s gorgeous! Want a look? I know you do…..

Love Beyond Time cover

So what do you think? I love it! The artists at Pink Petal really captured the essence of the storyline I created for Love Beyond Time, and it just rocks seeing the Giza Pyramids. Especially Menkaure’s.