Inspirations- People, Places and Things

When I wrote the title out, I started singing the Schoolhouse Rock song for “Nouns.” I loved Schoolhouse Rock, it helped me not only in school, but even as an adult, it helps me to remember things like what nouns are, what conjunctions do, the planets (Interplanet Janet!), and more. Who remembers how a bill becomes a law? Thanks to many of us in the US who grew up watching Schoolhouse Rock– we know and we specifically know that law was one dealing with school buses and railroad tracks.  But this topic today is about inspiration– what inspires us to write.  Continue reading

Pagan: Yule is Approaching

Today I’m listening to an old favourite- “Jingle Bones” from the Disney Christmas album and giggling madly. Why? Because this album is from my childhood and I realized how much this album played in my psyche as I grew up. I’m a witch/druid/eclectic pagan who loves holidays and enjoys her family and friends in varying doses. (Too much and I so need solitude!) But more than that– Yule is approaching as is Mithra’s birthday and Christmas and my family will be here for the first year ever. This is the first year we’ll have been together since we were kids for the holidays. I’m excited, nervous and want everything to go according to plan– which amuses my male and my psychiatrist both. It’s even funnier to them both to know I’ve even programmed in the chaos and last minute changes that are bound to happen as well. Continue reading