Prepping for Camp Nano

2014-Participant-Facebook-ProfileWhat do you do when you’re prepping for Camp? You make a list, check it like five million times, and try not to freak out. Yeah, that’s about it. LOL Beyond that, you also learn to triple check everything you plan because you know whatever you plan to do will not be what you really end up doing. Thus, why I’m taking the last couple of days of March to make backup plans. Why? Because I live in Cynnie-verse where nothing goes how it should. Let me explain how this works.  Continue reading

Camp Nano Happiness and Job Bumps

This week has been crazy. Very crazy. I started work, I decided to enter a contest where honestly, I’m nervous, but I want, no NEED to enter– and my body decided that allergies are the way to handle the stress. On top of this, I finished Camp NaNoWriMo with flying colours! Of everything, I think that’s the one thing I’m most proud of. But I also made some major discoveries along the way. Needless to say– it’s been a long month. LOL  Continue reading

COW:Writing and wondering

I’ve been working on a new story for my publisher and I’ve been doing decent. My brain has been off center a bit, but that’s okay. Part of it is because of the weather, when it rains a lot I find it hard to focus. Then there’s the fact that I’ve been pushing myself hard this month. I’ve gotten a lot done. But I wonder– just how much in the scheme of things have I really gotten finished? It’s that time when I really take stock of myself and my writing.  Continue reading

ROW80 Update- Slow but Steady

Today I’m not doing a huge post. I’m so tired. I’ve struggled this past week, but that’s okay. I’m pulling hard on my reserves. I’ve done so much this month, that I’m allowed downtime. But if you ask me — I’ll tell you I need to keep going. Yet, my body informed me in no uncertain terms I was taking time off. So, with sore hands, aching body, and a headache that lasted two days, I took time off. I plotted my next story– got the basics down. Did some basic writing of the plot, got the blurb somewhat finalized and then collapsed in bed. Read about 4 books. Mysteries to be exact. Mysteries I promised myself if I did good this month. Ask me if I think I deserved them. The answer is YES! I deserved them and I’m unrepentant! But I also realized that slow and steady wins this race every time.  Continue reading

COW: Fighting with Yourself

Sometimes, when you write, you fight with yourself. Okay, maybe I’m the only one admitting it. Either way, sometimes writing is a battle of the strongest. Sometimes it’s you, sometimes, not so much. But I’ve discovered it’s not always a bad thing. Battling can lead to better writing, some growth as an author, and occasionally a reminder that you need to take a break. I can hear the laughter now. But trust me, sometimes you need to battle things out within you. It’s the only way to truly realize how far you are and how far you’ve gone. Not to mention, we writers, we’re not always right in the head. 

Continue reading