ROW80: The Midweek Update

So, it’s time for the midweek update. I’m rocking and rolling so far. I’ve done over 22k in my writing. Some of it is cut and paste from the flat writing I did for prep work, but then I had to edit it and bring it all together with new stuff. Which means old stuff was about 10k, new stuff was 12k. I’m feeling quite pleased for the moment. I’m an epilogue away from having PQR finished! Then it’s off to something new!  Continue reading

When Real Life Gets in the Way

The past couple of months have been very hard. At the end of January, I was going through a hard time emotionally and physically. It wasn’t anything I wanted to share except to close friends. Then I got a call from my fiance, letting me know that we going to lose our jobs at the beginning of March. Not good. Considering we are getting married this year, this wasn’t good. So, since early February, I’ve been job hunting, writing, getting myself healthy and trying not to go insane. Unfortunately, none of these things seem to be easy. The hardest part is the job searching. I wish I could make a living from writing alone, but that’s not always possible. Especially since I rely on health insurance for pesky medical issues I have. So that’s why you’ve seen me rarely online. Continue reading