Writing- This Week’s Writing

So, I’m doing Around the Word in 80 Days and I’ve been writing. With both my Morning Pages (ala The Artist Way by Julie Cameron), writing Se’s story, and handwriting– I’ve done over 4k this week. It’s not completely what I wanted to do, but it’s good. Really good. I even did my work’s newsletter. (I deserve bonus points for this.)

How does this put me for the coming week? I’m working to try to make the same or more for this week. So feel free to cheer me on, kick my butt, or send me inspiration. In fact, the male and I had date night Saturday¬† and we went to see Season of the Witch. I really enjoyed the movie. It really helped to push some serious creative mojo in the well and also got my mind thinking in various ways in regards to medieval times, witchcraft and how times have and haven’t changed. Really helps when it comes to the fact I write a lot of pagan themed books.

Do I recommend seeing the movie? Yes, if you want to see some cool CGI, some battle scenes, and something that will make you think. No, if you don’t like to spend money and if you know a lot about the medieval times and how the Church viewed witchcraft and women in general. There are a couple of surprises I won’t spoil for you as they really helped to move and develop the plot along, let’s just say– they do really well with some of the red herrings. Oh yeah, Nicholas Cage looks verra nice in the movie and the young Kay looks very roguish himself! *grins*