Sunday Shortie- Witch Sisters

My lovely Amoketeer group made me write today. This is what happened. *whimpers as Mi pulls out the flogger*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Witch Sisters~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Remind me next time that our sisters ask us to do a favor for them. Next time we say no.” Said Tamara to her brunette sister, Kayla. “I cannot believe we allow them to put us in this position.”

Kayla grasped the overhead bar, swung back and forth before somersaulting over the fence. She waited patiently while Tamara followed her over the fence. Quietly she whispered, “It’s not that our sisters do not care for us. It’s just that we’re the only ones able to do this well, breaking and entering.”

Tamara shook her head, following her sister as they encroached upon the locked warehouse. “Our sisters are witches just like us. I’d don’t understand why the hell were the ones that have to do this.”

Silently the sisters made their way to the door avoiding all cameras. Pulling out a slim set of picks from her back pocket, Kayla made short work of the lock. Silently they entered the darkened warehouse, careful to keep only their witchlight as their only light source. Neither sister said a word, as they took a point working from left to right, securing the warehouse main room. Satisfied if there were no other people in the room Tamara spoke first.

“All I see are boxes. Granted some of them are filled with things I haven’t seen before, and others are filled with imported items like ivory, which is illegal, coffee beans, even paints. Why the fuck did Sirena, Kelly and Fiona want us to look into this?”

Kayla shrugged while opening a sealed box marked with “do not open.” Once the box was opened, she lifted out a couple of rolls of silk before exclaiming, “Oh fuck me sideways, we’re in deep shit, sister! We’ve got to get the fuck out of here now!” Slamming the lid of the box, Kayla backup three steps and began speaking in bastardized Latin, weaving a spell of containment around the box.

Tamara rushed to Kayla’s side, bringing forth her witch energy into her sister’s. “Do I dare ask why we’re using the containment spell upon that box? Or should I just shut the fuck up and go with the program here?” The box shuddered as if trying to break the spell. “Just what the fuck is in that box, Kayla?”

Kayla shook her head, while her fingers twisted together and apart solidifying the binding spell. “There’s a demon in there. Worse yet, each linked to water.”

Tamara muttered, “Oh shit, who the hell on earth unleashed water based demon?”

“This would be what our sisters want us to look into,” Kayla responded as she stepped forward, urging more energy into the binding spell. “I’m thinking that whoever owns this warehouse is probably responsible for the increase of demons that’ve been released into the city the past few weeks.”

“And since were the only publicly known witches who will also handle demons, our lovely sister sent us to deal with it. How fucking wonderful. Let’s fire this bitch up a bit, shall we?” Tamara began weaving heat into the containment spell. The sisters amped up their powers together, containing the demon as it wailed its protest at being bound from the mortal realm. Tamara spoke clearly, “Now that you are bound by that which you may not cross, you are sent back to the realm from which you came. May the one whom summoned you be cursed with the pain he’s caused many others. Be gone, so we speak, so it will come to be.”

“So mote it be,” Kayla intoned. With those words, the power within them grew higher, calling upon all the elements- fire, water, air, earth, and spirit—taking the demon back into the dark realm from which it was born. Finally a large popping noise signaled the close of the portal between the realms. The spell collapsed upon itself as the box disintegrated. Kayla slid back her energy as Tamara did the same. Staring at each other, they turned their gazes to where the box once resided. “This is some kind of fucked up shit, Tam. Who the hell would bring a third level water demon to Silver Spring?”

“That is the question, isn’t it?” Tamara stretched her arms overhead, her body popping the stiffened joints from using that much magick. “You know I hate it when we can’t use our magick items to put those buggers back to where they belong when we’re caught off-guard like that. This expending of energy sucks. We better hope that no one else realizes we’re here.”

Kayla sighed. “Our entrance was discovered the moment I started the spell, Tam. If we’re lucky, we might have five minutes to get out of here. Otherwise, we’re SOL.”

“Hell no we’re not shit out of luck,” Tam responded, running to the front door of the warehouse, checking to see if anyone was heading their way. “So far, so clear. You think a warlock or a demon practioner called it up?” Tamara waited until Kayla joined her. Feeling her sister’s signed touch on her right shoulder, she walked out of the warehouse. “I can’t sense anyone watching us, how about you?”

“There are sensors out there, but none sensing for witches. We’re safe so far. But we’ve got to get moving,” Kayla whispered as they headed towards the fence they had came in at. Carefully, Kayla helped Tamara up to the pole above the fence, then waited until Tam reached down to lift her up. Swinging, Kayla swung over the fence and onto the other side, landing carefully in the grass. Her sister landed at her side. “Let’s go. They’re getting ready to send out the dogs, and they aren’t your normal every day security type.”

“Hell hounds?”

“Either that or the elven hunting hounds,” Kayla answered running towards their waiting SUV. “Come on, we’re about out of time, Tam.”

“Coming!” Tam turned at the passenger side and aimed at the fence, lighting it up in elven magick. “There that should mess them up for a while.”

Both sisters buckled up as Kayla started the engine. They raced for the nearest road, careful to keep track of anyone trying to trace them. Only once they reached the outskirts of their family home, did either of them relax.


“Did you see who got in here?” The tall man growled at his employee.

“No, sir. They were cloaked well. Only at the end did we get an Elven signature from the fence which sent the Hell Hounds into an almost uncontrollable frenzy.” The young man gulped as he saw the static filled footage of the main room in the warehouse. “Sir-“

The dark man snarled in anger. “I see that, Mr. Mahoney. Whoever the hell got into my warehouse managed to send back my water demon too. I want a complete workup of energy signatures and who among the paranormal set can make this happen. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, sir, right away sir.” The scared young man turned away from the dark skinned, dark haired man.

“Once I find out who managed to evade all my security precautions, I will make them pay for it with either their lives or offering them a chance to work for me. Perhaps they wanted to show me their skill in what they could offer me, Niro de Poncere. But there is the fact too that many of the goody-two-shoes out there don’t want to deal with the other side or the darker aspects of power.” Niro walked away from the security office, heading down to his private office where a small blackened altar stood. “When I find them, and it had to be two of them, I will offer them the chance to join me or watch me destroy everything they love- right before I take their powers for my own.”

Inhaling deeply, Niro struggled to calm his powers before they wrecked havoc on the instruments Mr. Mahoney was using to find out who his intruders were. Lighting a candle first, Niro forced his thoughts into the orderly rhythm he had learned as an infant. “Focus with light, focus on what was, and then only can you see past it.” As his control reasserted itself, he lit a second candle using a small piece of magick, invoking the god whom he chose as his patron deity, Loki. “Hear me, Loki, deceiver and bringer of chaos to those of Asgard and Midgard. I seek the knowledge of who was here and how to find them. Help me and grant me this and I shall grant you my body as your avatar once again in exchange for one night.”

“Do you think that’s enough payment considering that I’ll have to deal with other gods and goddesses to find those you seek,” said the slick voice of Loki behind the man. Niro turned to face his god, bowing slightly to the tall, lanky deity. “I hardly think that eight hours is enough to satisfy what I’ll go through to find the information you want, Niro. However, if you’re willing to let me work some of my magick around here, I think perhaps we might have a deal.”

“No, kind Loki, though I wish I could- your magick would undo every magick lock and containment within this building,” Niro replied, keeping his guard up. It never paid to undermine Loki nor his powers. But there were ways around it, if one knew enough about the desires of the gods. “However, I could offer you them as your playthings once I’ve gotten how they managed to defy my systems from them.”

“I doubt you’d leave them their powers, Niro,” Loki chided, shaking a finger at him. “I’m not that easy to get around, darkyn childe. Remember that my lot created you and my lot can destroy you. So, I’ll make you a deal- I’ll keep one of them as mine- power intact, you get the other one to do as you wish- once I find out who they are and whom they belong to among the Pantheonic realm.”

“Agreed.” Niro had no fears of convincing Loki otherwise, he’d been doing it for years now, and still the trickster god hadn’t discovered his deceit. He couldn’t wait to see just who had invaded his territory and make them pay. Make them all pay, just like he had paid for the gods forsaken Elves had done to him all those years ago.