Sex Ed with Mistress Cyn- Slower sex drives

It’s been a while, but I’ve also been thinking on this topic for a while. There are people out there with slower sex drives then us sexual maniacs- and we often are with them because there’s a bond. Before, I spoke about how people with the higher drive can do things to help relieve the tension and pressure on those with the slower drives. This time, I’m reversing the process and explaining the needs of those with higher drives and the impact on them.

See I know about both sex drives– in my past, I’ve been the slower drive and also the high drive sex maniac (a direct quote). The difference is not just the desire for sex but also in how one processes sexual needs and desires. Those who are slower often don’t see sexual release as being needed as often or as a psychological and physiological need to be acted upon as much as those with higher sex drives. It’s also what motivates the need for sexual comfort as well. Those whose drives are considered normal or perhaps slower often are psychologically able to take contentment from other aspects in their lives going well. They are content when everything is in order and they have emotional feedback along with occasional touching to reassure them they’re wanted.

Yet, they have to realize that their lovers with higher sex drives need more reassurance and also more intimate touching to have that same level of contentedness within a relationship. It’s not that they are more insecure, but that they require higher levels of sexual intimacy to maintain that same feelings. It’s like being a diabetic. You have to have more of some nutrients, less of others to maintain proper health. Same with those with higher sex drives.

What can those with lower sex drives do to help those with higher drives? First, realize that they’re not wanting sex just to become a nympho or to drive you insane. They need regular sex touching to keep themselves on an even keel emotionally and physically. Once you can accept that component, you’re halfway to helping them out. Yet, sometimes you have to also be prepared to give of yourself too. No, this doesn’t mean you have to have full intercourse with your partner. But it does mean you might not be in the mood sexually yet you might need to get into the idea of giving sexual fulfillment to your lover.

Oftentimes the higher sex drive needs release. The endorphin and tension release that comes with orgasm helps provide a sense of well-being within that person that lower sex drives don’t often understand. But if you’re willing to compromise and give them some pleasure without wanting it for yourself- you will always be given what you want, when you want. Higher drives love touching which means that the more you touch their bodies, stroke their genitalia, or even use toys on them- the more you’ll enjoy just being there with them. Remember though you derive comfort for just being there and don’t always need that extra stimulation- if you’re willing to provide oral pleasure or even use toys upon your lover, you’ll bring them closer to you and they’ll also try to be more understanding as well. They can only do so much before they get antsy and their skin gets tight with the need to be intimate with their lover. By having you take part in their pleasure– even if it’s just for them- it’ll help keep a balance between your drives and also give you some bonus intimacy that you both can enjoy.

Until next time,

Mistress Cyn