Sex Ed with Mistress Cynnara- Quickies

Today, it’s all about quickies. Some are spur of the moment fuck fests. Some are well planned out for that one moment when you only have a few minutes. Sometimes quickies are the thoughts of one person wanting to do something that the other person will enjoy but will reject if given a chance because it might bring them more pleasure than the other person. Whatever the reason, today’s topic is about the quickie and how to make it work for you! Yesterday, my male gave me a gift of a quickie. You have to understand this in context. He’s more submissive than I am, but because I’m a switch with dominant tendencies, I don’t normally get to indulge that other side often. However, yesterday, I was dominated, touched, loved and shown just how alpha my alpha submissive can be when he chooses to do so. It’s not something he’d do on a regular basis, but something he did out of the blue because he felt strong and powerful and he wanted to give me a gift- something that would fulfill that part of me that doesn’t always gets out to play. 

So, how can you initiate some quickies in your life? There are many ways, but the simplest is to break the idea down to the base core. It’s about the sex. It’s about pleasuring each other in a frantic, needful state. Sometimes, we women need to have those quickies too. We might take time to warm up, but if you come at us with this look in your eye, a smile on your lips and you whisper, “You’re so damn hot and I have to fuck you silly!” I doubt any of us would say no. 

Preparation does play a role. You have to make sure you have a good 10-20 minutes to spare uninterrupted. Cover all your bases- know when the kids get home or when people are due to arrive. Know when you have to leave for your appointment. Then set the stage. With me, I didn’t get a chance to really think beyond the fact he asked me if I trusted him. I knew something was up, but not what. But it got my juices flowing, my curiousity aroused and my heart involved- because he asked me something that’s important to me- trust. If you know what your lover’s turn on phrases, the ones that kick up the emotion and sets the sexual seduction- then you have to be able to play them to the hilt, backing words up with action. 

What if you both want to set up the quickie? Now this is where it gets fun. If you don’t work together (my male and I work at the same company), then it can be fun. You can text each other or make calls on your breaks. Leave vague, sexual comments to each other. “I’m imagining taking you from behind with you bent over the living room chair.” or “You, me, and the bathroom. I’m thinking quickie 101.” These notes throughout the day set the stage of what you want and will serve as an appetizer for the brain. By the time you both get home, you’ll be more than ready for some serious sex! 

Sometimes, you have to take the reluctant bull or mare by the horns and do what I call “the sliding seduction.” This is less quick but it is effective. You drop hints while you’re both doing your nightly thing- chores, tv, etc. Then you go into the bedroom and set up the room- candles, music, etc- whatever you know will set the stage immediately for the person. Then call them into the bedroom. “Honey, do you know where I put my…?” When they come in, they’re looking at this romantic setting and you’re there waiting for them. It throws them into a place where their bodies are instinctively responding while their minds are trying to decide to go with it or not. But because you’ve slid this into place- they not only feel obligated to go with you into it, it takes the burden from them to come up with anything sexually. You literally slide from shock to gratefulness into sexual awareness. 

Quickies aren’t always quick. Sometimes you plan for Wham, Bam, Thank you Ma’am and end up with more than one session of lovemaking over a period of a couple of hours. There’s nothing wrong with that. What quickies do is release tension, provide a quick sexual release, and also spice up the relationship with something that doesn’t always go with the normal sex routine. So give it a shot- plan and carry out your quickie plan sometime soon! 


Until next time, 

Mistress Cynnara