Sex Ed with Mistress Cynnara- Erotic literature

Today, we step a bit into my other realm- that of writing. In fact, as I’ve done some shopping today (I bought a new lightweight flogger and some lovely erotic BDSM oriented ebooks from Changeling Press), I realized it’s something I’ve not touched upon much in this area. I think it’s time for me to address the idea of the erotic written word and what it can do for both sexes. I love writing erotic fiction. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy writing and reading many genres of literature, but only erotic and romantic fiction gives me a chance to mingle genres and not feel guilty about it. Plus, I get a lovely byproduct– arousal. That’s right, good erotic fiction can arouse you physically and mentally. Since we all know that our greatest sexual organ is our brain, sometimes we need to get beyond the physical and boost the mental. It seems funny, but many things we watch and read will find their way into our bedrooms, given half a chance. 

So, what kind of erotic fiction is there out there? A multitude by some fantastic authors out there. Some is available for free– such as the site.  Others can be found at a variety of electronic publishers or print publishers. In fact, I can think of at least 5 publishers at the top of my head of where I buy regularly, some are publishers I’m with. You can find anything from menage to femdom to BDSM fantasies at these publishers and trust me- they cater to both the men and the women. These days, the romances include the male point of view and how he feels about this relationship developing. 

What can reading erotic fiction do for you personally? It’ll give you greater insight into your lover and some of the things they might want to try. Further, it’ll give you on how to approach certain topics that might need to be discussed or brought to the next level. It’s also a fantastic way to learn about the thought process when it comes to sex and romance for both sexes. It’s not the same and it’s not equal. But for those men out there who don’t think it’s cool to read romance- let me tell you- once you see why your woman likes it and how it gets her worked up– you’ll be wanting to do some couple reading time because the result will be what you’ll enjoy the most! 

Some publishers of good erotic fiction- Loose Id, Changeling Press, Elloras Cave, Total E-Bound, Liquid Silver Books, Aspen Mountain Press, Tease Publishing, Phaze Publishing, Aphrodisia (a Kensington imprint), Brava, Spice (a Harlequin imprint), Berkeley, Avon Red, and Penguin Publishing, to name just a few in the electronic and print publishing arena. 

Take the time at the local bookstore and see what catches your eye. Look at the covers, read the blurbs on the back. See what and who they’re marketing the book too and what sexual niche it fulfills? Currently, BDSM is hot and those who know the scene and write it well are in demand. For those who like their sex a bit less intense or with other kinky aspects, take a chance, you might just find what you’re looking for to rev up the brain in the romance department of your local bookstore or online at some of the epublishers I’ve mentioned. 

Until next time, 

Mistress Cynnara